Taieizan Ryusenji temple

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Taieizan Ryusenji-Temple,so called Meguro-Fudoson is a major temple in Meguro Ward of Tokyo. It is the Tendai Buddhist temple.

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Why Taieizan Ryusenji temple is special ?

Meguro Fudoson is a nickname of the temple for Tendai Buddhism. Its formal name is Taieizan Ryusenji Temple. It is one of the top five Fudos in Edo. It was named after the main image Achala’s black eyes. Some people believe that Meguro, the area name, was also named after Achala.

It is said that Jikakudaishi Ennin opened the temple, but the fact is still unknown. The main hall was burned in 1615, but Iemitsu Tokugawa rebuilt it in 1624, after which it became prospered under the protection of Tokugawa Shogunate.

This temple was founded in 808, and remained under the protection of the Tokugawa shogunate during the Edo Period (17th to mid-19 century). The temple was made up of more than 50 reportedly spacious and magnificent buildings. The Edo public had a deep respect for Ryusenji (commonly known as Meguro Fudoson), and it became famous as a temple city where one could both pay one’s devotions and enjoy some entertainment and leisure. The main temple hall was reconstructed in 1981, as most of the buildings were burned down during the Second World War. There are many things to see at the temple, including Tokko-no-taki (a small waterfall that continued to flow during an Edo-period drought lasting several weeks) and Takasue-no-matsu (a tree on the temple grounds named by Iemitsu, the third Tokugawa shogun, in honor of the return of his beloved falcon. The falcon had disappeared, but returned after a priest prayed for its return, landing on the tree).

What to explore at Taieizan Ryusenji temple?

If you visit there, do not forget to walk around the main temple hall to the little forest in the back. There is someone waiting for you worth meeting. I will not spoil your fun by telling!

On the 28th there are also great fire rituals (goma kuyoo 護摩供養) at different hours during the day, where you can get your talismans and other belongings consecrated by Holy Fire. I once bought one talisman with the number of our car for Traffic Safety and the priest would not hand it over until it had passed the Holy Smoke. Since that day, we never had an accident with that car.

The temple compounds are quite big, with a lot of other buildings and statues to look at. One of my favorite is a stone grotto with En-no-Gyooja, the Founder of the Mountain Priests (yamabushi).

How to get to Taieizan Ryusenji temple?

At west exit of JR "Gotanda" station, take Tokyu Bus for Shibuya Station (number 72) and drop at Meguro Fudoson" stop

Selling points

  • Japanese traditional festivals
  • A residential area
  • A mind calming place
  • Spacious location in fresh atmosphere
  • Healing the heart
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3 Chome-20-26 Shimomeguro Meguro, Tokyo 153-0064 Japan

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I visited this place while it was raining, it is an easy walk and wonderful scenery! I can't wait to go back to visit!

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