Tad Thong Waterfall

Attraction Luang Prabang, Laos Published on: 13-11-2015

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Tad Thong Waterfall is located just 6 km’s from Luang Prabang. There is a trail that loops you through the jungle and takes approximately 45 minutes to complete.

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Why Tad Thong Waterfall is special ?

Tad Thong Waterfall is located just 6 km’s from Luang Prabang. There is a trail that loops you through the jungle and takes approximately 45 minutes to complete which can be rewarded with a dip into the pool at the base of the waterfall.

For years the path has been hidden away from the public but is now open again for you to experience the beauty of the natural jungle and huge trees that once covered much of the land in this part of Asia. There is a Khmu village just off the trail which can be visited and when you have finished the walk you may wish to take a swim in the lake or eat and drink at the Restaurant. The waterfalls are spring fed, as are many of the falls in the area, and will reduce in size to just a trickle by the end of the dry season - but the Tad Thong area is more impressive as a Nature Jungle walk so the waterfalls should be looked at as a bonus and not the main reason for visiting.

What to explore at Tad Thong Waterfall?

Here you will find a restaurant and a small lake surrounded by huts used by the locals for picnics and beer drinking. In fact, it’s a fantastic place to come and just hang out surrounded by the mountains.

Take your time to stop and listen to the buzzing of the forest. After walking the circle, you can dip into the water, though it's more just a dip than a swim.

How to get to Tad Thong Waterfall?

From the end of the night market road (Post Office end) turn left at the cross roads. Straight on until you reach 'T' junction then turn right. Go straight on out of town for about 4 Km's and turn right where sign posted 'Tad Thong Waterfall' for a further 2.8Km's.The 500 hectare Tad Thong Nature Conservation area is easily accessible by Tuk Tuk, Car, Scooter, bicycle (geared preferably) or, for the more enthusiastic, on foot.

Selling points

  • Heat the beat
  • Great quiet spot - beautiful falls and few tourists
  • A nice place, friendly local people
  • Enjoy the scenery and escape the crowds
  • Beautiful nature walk - with butterflies
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Tips for you

  • You can bring some food and drink to have a nice picnic.
  • You should bring your camera to caught the fascinating sightseeing of the nice waterfall.
  • You should keep a clean environment.
  • You should bring umbrella or raincoat, weather is unpredictable.
  • You should wear proper hiking shoes/sandals
    What to wear
  • You should check weather forecast to have a nice trip.
  • You should keep eyes on your children to avoid getting lost.
  • You should bring suntan, hat, insect repellent to save your health.
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  • You should bring some clothes to change in case you can get wet.
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We dropped by here on a scooter on the way back from Tad Sae falls. The entrance off highway 13 isn't well marked and is easy to miss if you're on a scooter. It's immediately before the biodiesel place - the only green coloured petrol station you'll see on the road. It's on the right hand side of the road heading out of town. I read some people cycled here... The road from town is busy and to falls is a dirt track. Personally I'd rather take a scooter. Once there the walk itself is really nice. The falls were dry when we went in Feb, but the walking was still really pleasant. There are a few pools you could wade or sit in if you wanted. There is also a big swimming lake with little cabana things you can sit it (although the lake didn't look too appealing). There is also a restaurant that serves drinks and maybe food (we didn't go in.). Entrance fee is 20,000kip from memory. Well worth it. The place was empty so nice to get away from the crowds.

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