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Attraction Ta Gu Falls Son Hiep Khanh Son, Khanh Hoa Vietnam Published on: 13-11-2015

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Ta Gu Waterfall, located in Son Hiep Commune, is a famous beauty spot. Primeval forest and mountain here has diversified ecosystem, creating landscapes imposing, fascinating and valuable for ecotourism.

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Why Ta Gu Waterfall is special ?

Ta Gu Waterfall, located in Son Hiep Commune, Khanh Son District, is a famous beauty spot. Primeval forest and mountain here has diversified ecosystem, creating landscapes imposing, fascinating and valuable for ecotourism.

Ta Gu Waterfall has two branches, which look like two elephant’s tusks. The main waterfall, 40 meters in height, falls into a 200 sq.m. lake, where visitors can swim in fresh water. Near this lake is another placid wide lake where visitors can catch fish and grill them on flat rocks right by it. Along the stream from the lake is the place for tourists to enjoy the beautiful scenery here. Most tourists admire the natural beauty of Ta Gu Waterfall.

The waterfall has been recognized as a historical, cultural and beautiful site at provincial level since 2009. However, its potentials up to now have not been exploited well to develop tourism. According to Khanh Son District Culture – Information Bureau, Ta Gu Waterfall has been oriented to tourism, but it lacks investment.

Source: http://www.baokhanhhoa.com.vn

What to explore at Ta Gu Waterfall?

The path to the waterfall is short, but don’t underestimate it. From the road, you’ll face a steep drop of around 10 metres. You’ll head up about 200 metres along the bank of the stream. From here you can see the lake, where the water is usually clear and still. The lake, formed by boulders and rocks blocking the water flow, rises and falls with rainfall levels. You have to leapfrog across protruding rocks to cross over the stream. \As you pass the stream and continue along the other side, dense tree coverage makes for fresh air that will keep you cool. This area is quite rough and difficult to access. From the edge of the water, you can rock-hop to your favourite boulder nearer to the waterfall. And finally, the waterfall is right in front of you!

After overcoming the challenge to get here, your tiredness will fade away with the wonderful view of the waterfall. The end of the lake at the foot of the falls is hemmed in by cliffs 30-40 metres high. From the rim of the cliff, a white torrent of water pours noisily into the lake all day and night. The surface of the lake reflects the light from above, often creating a colourful rainbow in the mist.

Source: http://www.haivenu-vietnam.com

How to get to Ta Gu Waterfall?

Visitors have to park their vehicles half way and then walk on an adventurous path and make their way through roots of some old trees and cliffs before they can enjoy the scenic waterfall.

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Ta Gu Falls Son Hiep Khanh Son, Khanh Hoa Vietnam

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  • You should bring umbrella or raincoat, weather is unpredictable.
  • You should wear the comfortable shoes and cool clothes.
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