Surabaya Town Square

Shopping Jl Adityawarman 55, Surabaya, Indonesia Published on: 13-11-2015

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Surabaya Town Square is a large modern mall in Surabaya, Indonesia. It is the biggest food mall in Surabaya.

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Why Surabaya Town Square is special ?

Surabaya Town Square or generally known as SUTOS, is a modern mall in Surabaya, Indonesia with half-outdoor concept. It was built with the concept of a hotel conveniently located right next to it: TS Suites. It is located not far from Surabaya downtown area, in front of Gelora Brawijaya Stadium.
Surabaya Town Square a crowded attraction that  make you feel alive. It's atmosphere is great for coffee and tea or hangout with friends and Couple. There is a wide choice of restaurants and the quality of food & service in many places. Surabaya Town Square is not only a great place to shop but also for interesting entertainment activities.

What to explore at Surabaya Town Square?

It is a popular night hangout where people, especially youngsters, come for a relaxed atmosphere in one of the many outdoor cafes. It is not only limited to cafes and shopping though. There is also a cinema, a supermarket, and a big stage for band performances every night. And every day, it has a concept event such as Ladies Day that perform a fashion show and gives discount for a group of woman whose shop or lunch there.

Many restaurants, some bars one night club, plus supermarket, cinema, bread shop. You can spend the whole night there with eating, drinking and finally listen to hot beats in the club


Selling points

  • “Nice Place to hang out”
  • “Variety of traditional culinary choices”
  • “Best place for nightlife"
  • “Nice mall with many cafe inside”
  • "The best meeting point!”
A five day round trip of Surabaya

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5.0 days
92.31 USD
Total travel distance
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20 places




Jl Adityawarman 55, Surabaya, Indonesia

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Tips for you

  • You can take a free bus ride to visit some of the interesting places
  • They have many food outlets on the 1st floor for you to choose from.
  • Best to visit this place if you go with groups
  • You can free to smoke here.
  • Come early if you want to go to Inulvista (karaoke), the waiting line is painfully long
  • It is located not far from Surabaya downtown area, in front of Gelora Brawijaya Stadium.


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Nice and decent place to chill out. they have many food outlets on the 1st floor for you to choose from. From chinese, local and western. From the 1st floor you can see all the happening on the ground floor. Most of the pubs are on the ground floor and in the weekends they have live music and EPL live screens. You can chill out either listening to music or watching live scoccer games. prices are in the mid range and the ambience is good. One of the best places to chill out in surabaya. Visited January 2015

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If you're looking for a dining/coffee place, this is the right place. If you want to shop, this is not the right place. There are more restaurants than retail shops. There's a supermarket, a bakery, and on the upper floor, there's a couple of boutiques.

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During our recent trip to Surabaya, we'd stayed at Ciliwung Road, a mere 15 minute walk to the mall. So, after a good rest upon returning from a long, somewhat tiring but totally exciting trip to Mt. Bromo, we, being the typical city folks that we are, decided to go to the mall for a bite & to chill!For a bite & to chill, this mall is perfect for both actually. It's a very urban mall with all the stuff that typical city folks are accustomed to. Lots of food & coffee places to choose from, ambience in all the outlets are great.. very laid back, enabling you to enjoy your meal, chill & people watch! A decent number of retail outlets of both local & international brands & a supermarket, which we found very useful to stock up on snacks & drinks for our long journey the next day. There's also a cinema, a (well utilised) gym, a pharmacy, a nice interior decor shop, a jazz club & when we were there, there were 3 on 3 basketball games going on.If I were a local I can understand coming here to hang out, but as a visitor to Surabaya, I may have not made my way here if I weren't staying so close by. Still, if you are in this city & crave a familiar city atmosphere, this would probably a good place to drop by.

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