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Attraction Maha Bandula Road Yangon Myanmar (Burma) Published on: 13-11-2015

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The Sule Pagoda is an excellent landmark. It is said to be over 2,000 years old and contains a hair given by the Buddha to two Burmese merchants.

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Why Sule Pagoda is special ?

The Sule Pagoda is an excellent landmark. It is said to be over 2.000 years old. The pagoda is said to enshrine a hair of the Buddha: its Mon name. Kyaik Athok translates as "the pagoda where a Sacred Hair Relic is enshrined". The golden pagoda is unusual in that its octagonal shape continues right up to the bell and inverted bowl. It is surrounded by small shops and all the familiar non-religious services such as of astrologists. palmists. and so on.

In the downtown area Sule Pagoda is a monument which most foreign visitors pass by unnoticed. But it is the only central piece of the capital. like the Arc de Triumph in Paris

It is the Sule Pagoda. Its legend says that Sule Pagoda marks the site where King Ukkalapa held meetings to build Shwedagon. "Su-Wei" is a Myanmar word meaning "meeting". In course of time 'Su-Wei' corrupted to 'Su-Le' Successive town planners. King Thayawaddy. Montgomery. Fraser and others. all decided to keep Sule Pagoda as the centre piece of Yangon because of its strategic location. religious significance and artistic beauty. It can be reached through four entrances of the four stairways facing four cardinal directions or by two overhead bridges.


What to explore at Sule Pagoda?

Sule Pagoda is a typical dome-shaped structure or stupa, found in the neighbouring countries of Thailand, Laos and Cambodia. The main Pagoda, a curious octagonal bell shape, is surrounded by minor stupas, bronze bells, and shrines containing Buddha images. There are eight Buddha images representing each day of the week (Wednesday represents two days).

Walking along the circular path, you can inspect the shrines up close and stop to pay homage to your birthday Buddha (the day of the week on which you were born). Offerings of flowers, fruits and gold leaves can all be bought from the shops on the ground level. There are four stair entrances leading up to Sule Pagoda. As it is situated on a busy intersection, crossing the road to it can be tricky so exercise care.

Sule Pagoda’s unique location, surrounded as it is by a few tourist attractions, means that it is a good starting point of a walk around the city centre. A short stroll away, admire the typical colonial-style buildings at the City Hall, the High Court and the Independence Monument.


How to get to Sule Pagoda?

The pagoda is located in the center of Yangon about halfway between the central railway station and the Yangon river. It is found in the center of a roundabout on the junction of Sule road and Maha Bandula road.


Selling points

  • Magnificient at dusk
  • In the middle of a roundabout
  • Great way to 'feel' the culture
  • Pogoda in the middle of road
  • Religious Harmony in Myanmar

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Maha Bandula Road Yangon Myanmar (Burma)

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Tips for you

  • Foreign visitors are requested to make a donation in the range of 500 to 1,000 Kyat.
    What need to do
  • There are many public bus stops around it and you can always see people crossing the street to get to the pagoda.
  • Walking around the precinct will give you the sight of pious devotees performing deeds of religious merit as well as the view of the surroundings
    Things to do
  • It is surrounded by small shops and all the familiar non-religious services such as of astrologists, palmists, and so on.
  • Near the pagoda’s entrance visitors shoes are put on shelves before entering the grounds.
  • Sule Pagoda located in the middle of Yangon downtown.


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To this Sule Pagoda I have visited. I saw when I have visited that this Sule Pagoda existing at the heart and center of Yangon and one awesome things is it is existing between the Islam Mosque and Christian Church, Maha Bandoola Park and Municipal Building. It's very close to the Botahtong Pagoda and Central rail station of Yangon. It's very beautiful Pagoda and interesting.

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No need to come all the way down from North Myanmar to see it...

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