St. Lawrence's Church

Attraction Rua de Sao Lourenco, Macau, China Published on: 10-10-2016

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St. Lawrence’s Church which was first built of wood in the 1560’s is the most fashionable church in Macau today. It was replaced by Taipa in 1618

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Why St. Lawrence's Church is special ?

St. Lawrence’s Church which was first built of wood in the 1560’s is the most fashionable church in Macau today, It was replaced by Taipa in 1618 .Further renovations have not sopped throughout the 19th century.St. Lawrence’s church is an imposing structure, standing in a garden filled with palm trees. Visitors can enter from the rear or, by way of a grand staircase and ornamental gate. St. Lawrence’s Church was painted in cream and white, This church has twin towers, one of which was once an ecclesiastic prison, and a fine Chinese tile roof.The interior is greatly decorated. The wooden ceiling painted turquoise with white and gold beams looks magnificent. The elegant chandeliers hang from them .The high altar contains the handsome St. Lawrence in gorgeous vestments. A crown held by a cherub hangs above him and a stained glass window with a dove of peace shows behind., a beautiful wooden lamb is over the window


What to explore at St. Lawrence's Church?

This is one of the more beautiful churches of Macau. Its located on the street of the same name Ave. Sao Lorenzo. Its located near the Government Headquarters. The school in front, a Salesian School, is also the home of many of the priests.

Enter the church through a beautiful stone staircase and through an ornamental gate. The front entrance is protected by a double swing wrought iron gate decorated by a simple Greek cross symbol.

Inside you will find St. Lawrence Church surrounded by a garden filled with palm trees. The facade is filled with classical features like the pilasters and volutes over the windows

The facade is topped by an iron cross and the symbol of Mary. This symbol consisting of the intertwined letters A and M, is called 'Auspice Mari'a, a monogram of the Virgin Mary.

'Auspice Maria' is the Latin for "Under the protection of Mary" and you will see this in many Catholic churches and places in Macau.


How to get to St. Lawrence's Church?

Take bus No. 9, 16, 18, or 28B and get off at Fung Shun Tang Station.

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Rua de Sao Lourenco, Macau, China

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  • You can also find maps, downloadable PDF and mobile apps for the Crossroads of China and Portugal' walking route on the MGTO website.
  • More general information about St. Lawrence's Church can be found on the MGTO website.
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St. Lawrence's Church is the fourth stop on the 'Crossroads of China and Portugal' walking route sponsored by the MGTO and includes some of the best historic Portuguese and Chinese buildings between Senado Square and Barra Square. The walking route starts at Senado Square, passes St. Augustine's Square and St. Joseph's Church before making stop here at St. Lawrence's Church, which is probably my favourite church visit in Macau. St. Lawrence's Church is one of the oldest and largest churches in Macau, featuring a delightful Portuguese style facade as well as a subtle but beautiful interior. The church grounds are pleasant as well if you need to place to take seat and rest your feet a bit. The church and grounds are open from 7am to 9pm daily and can be conveniently visited in 15-30 minutes before continuing onward to Lilau Square and the next round of attractions on the 'Crossroads of China and Portugal' walking route.

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St. Lawrence's Church is one of the major stops along the Historic Centre of Macau where the 238-metre long dragon pauses for pictures during the annual CNY dragon parade (8 Feb 2016). Best spot for pictures is across the street, where you can capture the entire church in the frame of your camera. The dragon will go up the steps and pause in front of the St. Lawrence for a few minutes. If you are planning to follow the dragon through the city centre, you'll need to be a bit quick on your feet to in order to catch the dragon here. It stops at St. Augustin's Church and then winds down to the Gov Headquarter of Macao SAR building before returning to Rua de Sao Lourenco for its visit to the church. Each stop is just a few minutes before the dragon continues on its course. If we have blue skies, this is a great spot for picture taking during CNY day if you are visiting at the time the dragon parade passes by.

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