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St George’s Church is South-East Asia’s oldest Anglican church and the largest in Malaysia.The white building was inspired by the architectural style that was the rage in Britain and Europe

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Why St.George's Church Penang is special ?

St. George’s Church is set next door to the Penang State Museum & Art Gallery. Built in 1817 by the East India Company using convict labour, it is Southeast Asia’s oldest Anglican church and one of the oldest buildings in Penang. The architecture and design is largely Greek and relatively unpretentious.
The gracefully proportioned building was designed by Captain Robert Smith (a military engineer) whose beautiful oil paintings still hang in the Penang State Museum. The interior is a cool pastel blue with marble floors and outside the main building on the church grounds is a memorial to Sir Francis Light in the form of a Greek temple – an elegant pavilion with definite Victorian style to it. It was built in 1886 on the centenary of the founding of Penang; just down the road is the double-spired Cathedral of the Assumption.

What to explore at St.George's Church Penang?

The most striking feature of the church's architecture are without a doubt the huge Grecian columns lined outside the front entrance. They immediately remind one of classical Greek structures such as The Parthenon, The Propylaia, the Temple to Athene and The Erechtheion. The pavilion which sits in the lawn also lends a Grecian air to the ambience.

The brick structure has a solid plastered stone base. When the occupants realised that the original Madras-style flat roof was unsuitable for the climate in Penang, a gable shaped roof was built in its place, in 1864. The octagonal-shaped steeple, visible from afar, forms the apex of the roof.

The inscription reads "In his capacity as Governor the settlers and natives were greatly attached to him and by his death had to deplore the loss of one who watched over their interests and cares as a father".

The mahogany trees in the lawn, which came from India as seedlings, were planted by A.B.Mackean in 1885. The ones still remaining today are survivors from the destruction wreaked by WWII.

The war took its toll on the church. Although the structure escaped relatively unscathed, the interior was another story. Looters carted off plaques, memorials and furnishings. A total of 24 memorials life-size marble figures were ruined during the heavy looting. Pews, the pulpit, the lectern and the organ had all to be replaced.


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  • “Beautiful architecture"
  • “Interesting history”
  • "Beautiful and peaceful atmosphere"
  • "Best place to pray"
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Tips for you

  • Monday to Thursday : 10.00 am to 12.00pm and 2.30 pm to 4.30 pm Friday : 2.30 pm to 4.30 pm Saturday : 10.00 am to 12.00pm Closed on public holidays
  • St George's is within walking distance to most of the HOTELS IN the old part of the city and just around the corner from the Penang Esplanade.
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  • It is also next to a RapidPenang bus stop as well as being on the route of the Free bus service
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  • The Church is also open to the public who wish to attend Church Services on - Sundays : 8.30 am and 10.30 am Wednesdays : 9.30 am
  • If you are going on a heritage walkabout around the historic Colonial Quarter of George Town, the St George Church is a must-see on your list of places to visit.
  • It's location is also fortuitous; lined up in the same row, and within walking distance from the church, are the Goddess of Mercy Temple and the Kapitan Keling Mosque.


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its a very beautiful church which i use to go wen i was a kid....u guys should go 2

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St George's Church was consecrated in 1819. It is a beautifully designed and maintained little church, with a handsome portico and simple, but cool interior. Looking from the inside through the Portico provides a view of a small, white Rotunda, a monument to the founder of Penang, Captain Francis Light (who was also responsible for the layout of the City of Adelaide, Australia). Beside the Rotunda is the sole surviving mahogany tree of those planted at the consecration of the Church. Across the road is the normal (for English colonialism) grand Supreme Court building. A visit to this church should be an inclusion in any walk around Georgetown's colonial district

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