St. Domingo's Church

Attraction St Dominic's Square, Historic City Centre, Macau, China Published on: 27-09-2016

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St. Dominic's Church is a late 16th century Baroque-style church that serves within the Cathedral Parish of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Macau.

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Why St. Domingo's Church is special ?

Macau St. Domingo’s Church is a Catholic church constructed in 1587 by Spanish Dominican friars and is located in the center of Senado Square of Macau. St. Domingo’s Church is also known as Igreja de São Domingos, so you might heard this name before. A travel to Macau isn’t complete without visiting the religious sites.

This church has also a Chinese name “Pan Cheong Tong”, which means ‘church of wooden planks’. This name is due to the fact that it was built in wood by the Dominican priests from Acapulco, Mexico.

Macau St. Domingo’s Church has a lot of history. This church was refurbished and expanded in 1828, that is the reason of its current large size and scale. Then, in July 2005 it became part of the World Heritage List and became the 31st Chinese world heritage site.

Now that you already know some of the important parts of the history of this church, it’s time to talk about the interesting things you’re going to find, when you visit the church.


What to explore at St. Domingo's Church?

Macau St. Domingo’s Church is composed by three halls and it also has rare paintings and statues inspired by the classic Portuguese art.

On the right of the Chinese church you can find the Sacred Museum, which features treasured religious relics and Church regalia. In the Sacred Museum you also can find sculptures and relics from St. Paul’s Cathedral.

The only remaining part of the old monastery is on the right-hand side of St. Domingo’s Church.

Events and Fun Things to Do

One of the performing grounds of the annual ‘Macau International Music Festival’ is Macau St. Domingo’s Church every year, so you can attend to some of these music performances, which will surprise you for their uniqueness.

Most of these concerts take place at the church and you can attend and enjoy them in the afternoon, which is when they take place.

By the way, in order to enter the church visitors must ring the bell in the door.

Another fun and interesting thing you can do in the same area where the Chinese church is located is to visit famous Ruins of St. Paul’s Cathedral, which is in the Senado Square area as well.

These are just a few examples of all the interesting things you can do at Macau St. Domingo’s Church. You just have to visit the church and ask people or guides about special events or places they have in that area. You will enjoy it!

In conclusion, the Sao Domingos Church was originally built by three Dominican priests from Acapulco, Mexico in 1587 and it become one of the most important sites in China in July 2005. It has some classical Portuguese art in its statues and sculptures. The Sacred Museum in the right hand side of the church is full of rare surprises that you would enjoy. Also you can find really unique events and places that take place at the church or even in the Senado Square area.

The schedule to visit the church is between 10am to 6pm.

And remember to ring the bell before entering!


How to get to St. Domingo's Church?

Bus Route: 2, 3, 3A, 4, 5, 6, 7, 10, 10A, 11, 18, 19, 21, 21A, 26, 26A, 33

Selling points

  • A lovely photo opportunity on a historic walk
  • Beautiful old church
  • Beautiful baroque style Catholic church
  • Warm and inviting
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St Dominic's Square, Historic City Centre, Macau, China

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Tips for you

  • Visitors must keep quiet in the church
    What need to do
  • People should respect other people who come to pray.
    What need to do
  • On the right side of the church there is a hallway where you can go up 4 or 5 floors and see many different exhibits and artifacts related to the church.
    What to see
  • It's a lovely photo opportunity on the walk to the most famous landmark on Macau (Ruins of St. Paul).
  • There will be heaps of people milling about so go early in the morning if you'd like better photos.
  • Visitors can go in and photographs are allowed, even if you're not there to pray.
  • A beautiful place to be if you would like to see the non-gamblers side of macau
  • Going as early as possible to avoid competing with the crowds
  • It locates at senado square, so it's really convenient to go.
  • To get here, simply walk up Senado Square and as you approach the first intersection in the road, it'll be right on the left side.
  • The church can be visited in route to the famous Ruins of St. Paul's Cathedral from the Senado Square area.
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Start your historic walk at Senando Square as you walk you'll see signs for this historic old church. It's a lovely photo opportunity on the walk to the most famous landmark on Macau (Ruins of St. Paul). It's worth spending a few minutes to visit the Church. Moreover, at night it is lit up and lovely as well. There will be heaps of people milling about so go early in the morning if you'd like better photos. Visited April 2015

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There is a museum upstairs. When you have extra time, than you may take a visit.

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C1 ( 2013.06.19 )There was a quiet and beautiful churches with Portuguese-style. The church is located at the entrance to Largo do Senado. In the church, there was museum having many exhibits. Portuguese-style exhibits associated with the Church was very interesting. With respect to the history of Macau is just a place to be visited.

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it is a beautiful church and visitors must keep quiet in the church which made going in to sit on the pews a pleasant experience.

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This church is a very pleasant stop in the historic route. It's is definitely Portugese in style. Not the most ornate church you'll ever see but for being in China it is a bit surprising.

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