Splashdown water park Pattaya

Attraction 105/2 Moo 2 | Pong, Banglamung, Pattaya20150, Thailand Published on: 13-11-2015

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Splashdown water park Pattaya is a new adult (big kids) Adventure waterpark, they have 8 great attractions starting with the tallest inflatable waterslide in the world and the big red balls.

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Why Splashdown water park Pattaya is special ?

Pattaya-area tourists and residents can experience the thrills of the television show “Wipeout” at the new Splashdown Waterpark.

Located on Highway 36 near the Bira International race track in Pong, the “adult water park” offers nine attractions including the tallest inflatable waterslide in the world and the show’s signature “big red balls.”

Wipeout is a game show billed as the “world’s largest obstacle course” begun in the United States in 2008 that has seen 39 spin-offs in countries around the world.

 Besides the balls, the large inflatable spheres over which people must traverse without bouncing into the water below, the park includes the Wall Racer, Big Blue, Blob, Slip and Slide, Zorb Mountain and the Square Runner. Most attractions are meant for adults, or “big kids” as park promotional materials call them. Zorb Mountain, however, is aimed at kids, with its shallow splash pool and dry areas.

- source: pattayamail.com

What to explore at Splashdown water park Pattaya?

Located on Highway 36 about 13km from the Central Pattaya, Splashdown is the only adventure water park in the area. The perfect place for groups, this place is really one for the big kids. Splashdown has a wide selection of games on offer to test your bravery and agility; they are split into seven games.

Game one sees you take on the famous big red balls probably one of the hardest and unforgiving obstacles at the park. Followed by game two, a launch down the tallest inflatable water slide in Asia at a whopping 50 feet high!

Game two is the wall racer, a gauntlet of trampolines and walls where you can race against friends. Game four is The Big Blue- an enormous inflatable climbing wall followed by an 18m slide down into the depths.

Game five is the square runner which basically a giant set of stepping stones across water, move fast and keep your balance! Game six is The Big Blob; let your mates launch you 30 feet into the air from this oversized inflatable bag! And finally its game seven, is Zorb Mountain. Fly down Splashdowns 70m long Zorb course at your own peril!

Safety is paramount at Splashdown Water park and you will be provided with all necessary gear to make sure you don’t get hurt. Splashdown also has a bar for a post-adventure beer or cocktail, a restaurant serving a range of Thai and Western food and a shop selling snacks and drinks.

Selling points

  • Safely provided equipment
  • amazingly unique experience
  • unreal amount of fun
  • brilliant day out
  • very friendly staff
4 days in Pattaya for backpackers

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105/2 Moo 2 | Pong, Banglamung, Pattaya20150, Thailand

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Tips for you

  • They have a nice little bar, which do amazing fruit smoothies, chicken cafe and ice creams! They even have a volleyball game going at dinner time
    Things to do
  • For the smaller kids they have a supervised kids zone.
  • You can pay for a photographer to come round with your group so have some great shots of you falling off, flying through the air, and hurtling down the hill.
  • Take advantage of our expat discount if you have a Thai working permit or Thai drivers licence which will cost 650 Baht.
  • Any Splashers over the height of 120cm (47 inches) can play all of the exciting games that they have to offer.....
  • you need to take care not to get hurt
  • Ticket Price includes all of the attractions, can play all the games as many times as you like all day and includes a free two way transfer from your hotel.
    Ticket and Pricing
  • It's not allowed to bring any food and drinks from outside


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Our group were not expecting much but as soon as we arrived at the water park, we turned into small kids clinging with fear! The first activity was the Super Slider, it was like a 50 meter drop water plunge, I would like to turn around and go back but my friends were egging me on! next was the Big Red Balls wherein you have to jump on 7 Big balls to cross to the other side, it took me few minutes to face my fear! But i gotta say that the Big Blob was my favorite! You have to experience it period! It was a perfect day to be a kid once again! The facilities are clean and nice. Staff are so friendly and helpful. It's worth the trip!

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