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Located far from the city center nearly 10 km north-east and around 693 meters high above sea levels and it takes around 35 minutes for driving from Danang city. Son Tra Mountain Vietnam is a primary forest, breath-taking where it has cool weather every time of year. With beautiful landscapes and many places for traveling, Sontra Mountain Danang is one of the attractive destinations for people who want to escape from daily life routines and see every place in this city.

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What to explore at Son Tra Mountain Da Nang?

Why Son Tra Mountain also called Monkey Mountain?

The appearance of the monkey at Sontra Mountain is one of the main reasons that the local people call the familiar name - “Monkey Mountain”. Not only the monkey but also Sontra Monkey Mountain Vietnam seems to become the hometown for many rare wild animals such as Pygathrix (Red-shanked Douc) is on IUCN Red List of endangered species

What to explore at Sontra Mountain (Monkey Mountain)?

There are many places for visiting at Sontra Mountain such as: But Beach, 1000-year-old Banyan Tree, Chessboard Peak, Linh Ung Bai But pagoda, etc…

Linh Ung Pagoda (Lady Budha) or Linh Ung Bai But, is one of the important pilgrimage sites for Vietnam Buddhists at the special occasion. The attraction of Pagoda is Lady Buddha Statue 67 meter-tall with the eyes head to the sea, support peace and serenity to local people living at foot of the mountain. Enter Pagoda, there are 21 Buddha Statues with different emotions “Love, Hate, Joy, Anger” portrayed sophisticated, sharp but smooth and arranged by a rule. Standing at Pagoda, the whole nice scenes of Danang city and Danang beaches has been shown in your eyes.

Radar Domes: During Viet Nam – American War, Sontra Peninsula- Monkey Mountain is the remarkable observation base and the cool lookout point because there are housing two radar domes now taken over by the Vietnamese military as well as a helicopter pad.

Chessboard Peak: where have a chess table not ended yet with only one deity statue. Following the legend, there are two deities sit and played chess but no results many days, one day, when the fairies flew down for taking a bath, one deity forgot not to attend to the chessboard and lead to losing the game. The deity had felt angry, kicked the chessboard, and flew up to Heaven. This is the reason why at Chess Board Peak, there is one Deity who sits alone in front of the chessboard, thinking carefully about his next steps.

The 1000 years old Banyan Tree

Situated at the Son Tra Natural Preservation Zone in Son Tra District, the 22-meter tall banyan tree is currently home to a people of brown-shanked langur, an Indochinese endemic primate in the area. It is considered the green lung of the city that has a bio-diversified system in a place of 4,000 hectares. The 1000 years old banyan tree played a significant position in the early 19th century, as kings of the Nguyen Dynasty constructed an observation point on its branches. In addition, it served as a shelter for the nation's soldiers throughout the two resistance wars.

Son Tra Mountain entrance fee:

Because of natural destinations, it is free to explore Sontra Peninsula. So there is no entrance fee for Son Tra Mountain Da Nang.

Son Tra Mountain Opening hours:

Monkey Mountain also does not have specific visiting times. But normally, the ideal visiting times is from 8 AM till 5 PM or late (7 PM-8 PM). Or Tourist can go earlier such as 5 AM, it depends on plans. When it is dark, or winter, it is hard to visit cause rainy seasons and some dangerous problem.

How to get to Sontra mountain?

There are many ways to go to Sontra Mountain, included renting a motorbike to ride by yourself, catching a taxi, etc. To explore more, you should book Da Nang Private Tour at Culture Pham Travel.

You can also get more information about Danang sights and beautiful landscapes such as Bana Hills, Marble Mountain, My Khe Beach… on our website.

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