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Attraction Snake House, Krong Preah Sihanouk, Cambodia Published on: 13-11-2015

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Snake House is a unique restaurant, hotel which is near the Victory beach, surrounded by wild jungle with many sort of animals.

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Why Snake House is special ?

Snake house in Sihanoukville is an absolutely unique venue: a restaurant, hotel and herpetarium carved into the middle of a lush garden maze with dozens of terrariums containing rare and poisonous snakes, exotic lizards, crocodiles and birds and an expansive artificial tide pool. International fare with the emphasis on Russian cuisine. The rooms are located in a jungle setting, and just outside your door is a complex, including a zoo, restaurant surrounded, a swimming pool, nightclub, and sauna and small gym.

What to explore at Snake House?

Hotel “Snake house” – detached 2-storey cottages built in Khmer style, are surrounded by trees and plants a flower garden, which occupies the entire interior of the hotel and the adjacent restaurant with an exhibition of animals: an impressive collection of tropical fish (saltwater and freshwater), birds & a few dozen crocodiles, poisonous snakes, exotic lizards, crocodiles. Tourists can experience to feed the animals.
Among the lush vegetation of the garden – a few ponds, water lilies tightened-Nymphaeum in the water which slowly float “gold” fish, and are reflected from the surface of weird shadows of statues depicting characters from Hindu mythology.

Selling points

  • - The entirely interior ambience of plants and animals
  • - A vatiety sort of animals.
  • - Authentic Russian dishes, sushi and seafood.
  • - Khmer style cottages experiences.
  • - Mixed feeling experiences
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Snake House, Krong Preah Sihanouk, Cambodia

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Tips for you

  • It is a great place for children to experience something new and different and have fun.
  • Snake House serves authentic Russian dishes, sushi and seafood to diners seated at glass-topped tables with live serpents inside
  • About 15 Rooms from $23 to $90 including breakfast in the jungles of the Snake House with Air-Con, Cable TV, Fridge, Free Wi-Fi.
  • All customers do not bring wild and domestic animals into the restaurant
  • Tourists are not allowed to touch or pick flowers and plants
  • There should be no touching or tapping the snake glass boxes
  • Parents should do not allow children to walk alone
  • The hotel is located a few minute's walk above Victory and Hawaii Beaches.
  • An entry fee of $2-3, but you can avoid that by eating a meal in the restaurant at night.
    Ticket and Pricing
  • Rooms go for $30 and up per night.
    Ticket and Pricing
  • They require 1$ for watching the snakes and you will get a can of Coke
    Ticket and Pricing
  • Snake House offers the lowest rates at hotels near popular Restaurants and Cafes.
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one word, horrible! Cambodians in general can be cruel to animals, but this place tops it. Reptiles (mainly snakes) are kept under terrible conditions. Fish and turtles are even worse. Not to mention the birds and a stressed out monkey(!). This place has nothing to do with a zoo, it is nothing more then a private rich Russian animal collection. Most (if not all) of the animals are caught in the wild, that makes it even worse to see the horrible conditions they are in now.

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Owner claims to be biologist‌ but I really cannot imagine that a biologist would keep his animals like this. Most of the compounds are in a terrible condition. Dirty and overcrowded. Too bad, because the location is actually quite nice but the current state is unacceptable. Fix this problem, then you could also charge without problems a higher entrance fee

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Visited the Snake House today. Mixed feelings... $3 to enter (if you eat at their restaurant entrance is free). Impressive collection of reptiles but very very sad. Most of the terrariums and aquariums are very dirty and the creatures look very thin. There are at least 3 massive snakes who are kept in pretty unsafe terrariums, meaning that if they were at full strength and wanted to do something they could break the glass. Anyway, the animals don't look too happy. However, there is a parrot saying "hello" at the entrance. The beer at the bar is $1.60.

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The Snake House located at the bottom of Victory Hill section of Sihanoukville is a sprawling Restaurant-Hotel-Mini-zoo complex. The grounds are cleverly designed to accent a jungle theme with many forms of indigenous exotic flowers. I’ve visited the Snake House several times over the years I’ve lived in SHV to see its mini-zoo. The Snake House’s forte is its selection of reptiles. I’m impressed with the health and vigor of the various snakes, lizards and the humungous crocodile exhibit. Reptiles are probably some of the most difficult critters to maintain. Snake House’s assortment is notable. The owner is something of a herpetologist; he obviously has a way with the care and feeding of reptiles. My family and I inevitably have a terrific time viewing all the wildlife. The enclosures are clean and from the bright eyes of the animals quite well fed and healthy. I have never dined there or stayed in one of the bungalows. The restaurant area has a prominent aquarium display inhabited by many species of fish. Well worth a visit.

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