Sir Robert Ho Tung Library

Attraction No.3 Saint Augustin Square, Macau, China Published on: 10-10-2016

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The Sir Robert Ho Tung Library is a typical example of a beautiful mansion equipped with an arcade and a garden.

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Why Sir Robert Ho Tung Library is special ?

This three-storey Sir Robert Ho Tung Library is a typical example of a beautiful mansion equipped with an arcade and a garden.

The intricate steel gate arches of the Sir Robert Ho Tung Library opens to the St Augustine Square and the St Joseph Seminary.

The 3 storey building is a typical Macanese mansion. There are five interconnecting corridors on the ground floor, while the two upper layers are decorated with five arched-windows. It has an arcaded facade decorated with pilasters and ionic columns, highlighted in white stucco against yellow plastered walls, with molding running along the width of the facade. The roof is a dome with four ridges and built in red bricks.

The main entrance is an arcaded wall topped with glazed balusters in velvet blue, contrasting with the yellow tones of the walls.

The Sir Robert Ho Tung Library is one of the 22 cultural sites which constitute the Historic Center of Macao which was inscribed in teh UNESCO Worl Heritage List in 2005.


What to explore at Sir Robert Ho Tung Library?

The libary is a three-storey building with arched doors and windows. The walls are painted in yellow and partially ivory, looking harmonious with green trees and bright sunshine. The old building is now a library of ancient books and an exhibition site. Many valuable ancient books, religious books, Chinese-English dictionaries, Chinese-Portuguese dictionaries and some other books are housed in the Ho Tung Library. In front of the old building is an open courtyard with fountains and rockeries. And at the back of it is a charming garden now serving as open reading area. A four-storey modern building was newly built in 2005 next to the back garden, making Sir Robert Ho Tung Library the largest library in Macau. The brand-new building employs glass wall and provides a panoramic view of the beautiful garden. In addition, the library has dinning halls, chatting area and even audiovisual studios for the convenience of readers.


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No.3 Saint Augustin Square, Macau, China

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Sir Robert Ho Tung Library is near to Senado Square. I went there by accident. I planned to go to the church at firsi, but when I reached there, I found that the church didn't open. As I was wondering where to go, I found one velvet yellow building. I came close and found that it was a library named Ho Tung Library. Its appearance was different from other libraries I have seen, it looked like a personal houses, which appealed to me. So I decided to walk inside. I saw a small garden first, colorful and delicate flowers, which made me feel pleasant. Then I walked through the first door, one side is office, the other side is reading room. Then I walked through the second door. I saw the second building, this one was mainly for storing the books. The first floor was for Chinese books, while the second was for English books. The library was small,but with sufficient resources. Moreover, on the ground floor, there was a small place like a cafe, if you were tired, you could have a rest there. And there was a restroom, which provided free water. This library is really a good place, you can easily calm down and read. And the service is very considerate and user-friendly.You will like it.

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This is the only one Garden-style library in Macau. At the left sight of the Ho Tung Library is St. Joseph's Seminary. Here a quiet location, the building has a strong European flavor, when you are reading under the shade garden, it is very enjoyable. In the entrance of Ho Tung Library has a guard, if you have something do not know about the library, you can ask them. They are nice. It has a Garden-vestibular, backyard and deck. In the environment of nature, you can read your book quietly and relax, sitting at the backyard. Just a try and you will have a aftertaste. The library has just built a four-storey building with a new modern and advanced facilities. The integration of the surrounding World Heritage landscape beautiful environment. Readers can feel a strong Sino-Portuguese culture there. Apart from reading, but also to the viewing area to enjoy music and movies. The Opening hours of Ho Tung Library is Monday to Saturday 10:00 to 19:00 and Sunday 11:00 to 19:00. Next to Ho Tung Library, there is a coffee shop and the ambience of the cafe is good, you can buy a coffee before / after reading. I like to read at Ho Tung Library.

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