Shwe Indein Pagoda

Attraction Pagodes Paya Shwe Inn Thein Myanmar (Burma) Published on: 13-11-2015

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The Shwe Indein Pagoda is a group of Buddhist pagodas in the village of Indein, near Ywama and Inlay Lake in Shan State, Burma.

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Why Shwe Indein Pagoda is special ?

The Shwe Indein Pagoda is a group of Buddhist pagodas in the village of Indein, near Ywama and Inlay Lake in Shan State, Burma. The site is believed to date back to the days of the Indian emperor Ashoka, who sent out monks in the 3rd century BC across Asia to spread Buddhism. Centuries later two Kings of the Bagan empire, Narapatisithu and Anawrahta built pagodas at the site. The site contains hundreds of pagodas, collectively known as the Shwe Inn Thein pagodas. Most are from the 17th and 18th century; the earliest one with an inscription dates to the 14th century.


What to explore at Shwe Indein Pagoda?

Just out of the town, the pagoda of Shwe Indein, consists in a complex of hundreds of ancient stupas (a stupa is a sacred structure containing relics related to Buddhism).

The hti, a top element shaped like an ornamental umbrella is missing at many of the unrestored stupas. A number of stupas have been restored by donors, both Burmese and foreign.

At the center of the Shwe Inn Thein group is the shrine of the Inn Thein Buddha image. The shrine that is believed to have been built by King Ashoka houses a golden Buddha image in the meditation mudra. From the top of the hill visitors have great views of Indein village and the surrounding area.


How to get to Shwe Indein Pagoda?

Indein village is located about 8 kilometers West of the South tip of Inle Lake. It is most easily reached by boat. Tickets can be booked at travel agent or hotel. Alternatively, head for the pier and negotiate a price. Make sure to agree on the places to stop and the duration of the trip.


Selling points

  • Beautifully decorated with reliefs
  • Full of charm and mystery
  • A picturesque landscape in Indein village
  • A complex of hundreds of ancient stupas
  • Beautiful statue of Buddha inside
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Pagodes Paya Shwe Inn Thein Myanmar (Burma)

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Tips for you

  • Trekking enthusiasts can climb up Mt. Shwe U Daung, 3000 ft above sea level, in 90 minutes.
    Things to do
  • Since the both sides are paddy fields you can see the farmers ploughing and harrowing by water buffaloes.
    What to see
  • 700 meters from Shwe Inn Thein is Nyaung Ohak, a group of pagodas which translates to “group of banyan trees”.
    Things nearby
  • Some ruined temple, partially covered by vegetation, has a beautiful statue of Buddha accessible through a narrow tunnel where there are fragments of original frescoes.
    What to know
  • There is a 300 Kyat camera fee and a 300 Kyat VCR fee.
  • The walkway from Nyaung Ohak to Shwe Inn Thein is lined with stalls where vendors sell Shan shoulder bags, longyis, shirts and other items.

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