Shuhe Food Street

Attraction Kangpu Alley Middle Section, Suhe Town, Lijiang, China Published on: 15-09-2016

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Shuhe Food Street is located in Shuhe ancient town that is lined with various restaurants and food courts. This place is for those who want to try specialties of the Naxi in Lijiang.

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Why Shuhe Food Street is special ?

Food Street in Shuhe village is unlike others cobblestone streets in town; the atmosphere here is really commercial. The street is considered a convergence of cuisine from several countries on the world in a small ancient town. All spots on the food street is not bustling in the morning, but when the sun goes down, the light and music turn on, the quiet atmosphere of an ancient town will becomes more exciting. Together with the Main Square, Food Street is one of the hottest spots in Shuhe Ancient Town at night.

What to explore at Shuhe Food Street?

Coming to Shuhe, one thing that tourists want to do is trying local food. Visitors will have a wide range of food to try, especially Lijiang “baba”, one of famous specialties snack in Lijiang. The food street is next to Main Square; visitors can buy some snacks from food courts and enjoy the local Naxi dancing in the middle of Main Square. For anyone who enjoys the meals in a restaurant, the experience of eating and listening to the sound of a stream nearby is really awesome in Shuhe Old Town.

Selling points

  • Pretty light and fresh tasting
  • Various type of restaurants
  • Nice way to taste the local minority cuisine of Yunnan
  • A little sharper, but tasted very good
  • Standout Yunnan cuisine



Kangpu Alley Middle Section, Suhe Town, Lijiang, China

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Tips for you

  • The food is pretty spicy here, so if you or your children don't like spicy, make sure to ask for "no spicy".
  • Nearly all restaurants in Yunnan, payment are cash only; make sure bring cash rather than credit card.
    What to bring
  • This street is quiet in the morning, getting busier by lunch time and can be cozy and crowded by night.
  • Cafes and restaurants in Lijiang and other area of China are allowed to remain open only till 11pm. So when in Lijiang remember to finish your dinner by that time.
  • Local specialties are really cheap, just about RMB3 – 5RMB.
    Ticket and Pricing
  • If it is authentic Naxi cuisine that you want to sample, then you should try some of the tasty snacks that can be bought from street stalls. Do try “Jidou Liangfen”, a local favorite which is plain old chick peas transformed into a jelly-like dish. For dessert try Bingfenliangxiao or end your meal with butter tea.


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Shuhe cuisine street, at a distance of Shuhe place near the South Gate entrance, about 35 minutes to walk. Little food court entrance, but inside they do have a world. Both sides of the road is full of restaurants, there are a variety of flavors. Lijiang or more local specialties, such as hot pot ribs, salmon and more. Lavish consumption, still acceptable. I ordered a fried rice, ¥20, is not very good

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