Shuhe Ancient Town

Attraction Shuhe Rd 束河镇 Gucheng, Lijiang, Yunnan China Published on: 15-09-2016

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Shuhe Ancient Town is the earliest habitation of the Naxi ancestors. It is also an important and well-preserved post of the Ancient Tea Horse Route, an international trade route in Southwest China.

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Why Shuhe Ancient Town is special ?

Shuhe Ancient Town is an important constituent part of Lijiang Ancient City, world cultural heritage site in China.

Shuhe Town was regarded as an essential component of Lijiang Old Town, the world cultural heritage subscribed in the year of 1997.

The Shuhe Ancient Town shows multiple cultural landscapes, including unique folk customs, historical relics and beautiful natural scenery.

Shuhe Ancient Town is the best-preserved ancient town along the tea-horse road, a famous tea-trading route in ancient China.

Shuhe Town is an ideal place for photographing wedding photos. Similar with Lijiang Old Town, cruising fishes, blue-stone-paved paths, delicate arched bridges and old dyeing cloth shops are ubiquitous, brimming with peaceful and leisured atmosphere.

Visitors can experience the simple and unsophisticated Naxi customs in the town.

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What to explore at Shuhe Ancient Town?

Shuhe Ancient Town is surrounded by a murmuring river and interlaced with smooth flagging. It is a compact village hidden in the forest, and it lies near mountains and rivers. It is a more peaceful, smaller version of Lijiang Ancient City.

Qinglong Bridge has a history of more than 400 years; it is the landmark buildingin Shuhe Ancient Town.

Sifang Street, a market in the center of Shuhe village, covers an area of about 250 square meters.

From Long Pool, the overflowing water winds through the village and the bubbling sounds can be heard miles away. The locals regard this as a sacred spring, and built Beiquan Temple (North Spring Temple) here as a place to pray. Master leatherworking is enshrined in Sansheng Palace, which is the most unique part of the temple.

In addition, the Ancient Town of Shuhe was once famous for its developed leatherworking and education.

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How to get to Shuhe Ancient Town?

Taxis from Lijiang can be arranged for RMB 30 (round-trip), making the trip from central Lijiang in about 20 minutes. We recommend pre-arranging a return trip, as taxis from Shuhe to Lijiang can often be hard to find. Cycling the same distance takes about a half hour and you can also take bus no. 11 from Lijiang New Town, the Lijiang train station or Dayan to the Shuhe stop. The old town gates are about a 20 minute walk from there. Many hotels will arrange cars or vans upon request, and many Lijiang tours include Shuhe on the itinerary.

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Selling points

  • Great mix of views, walks and shops.
  • Pleasant day trip destination
  • Very cozy little town
  • Lots Of Things You Can Buy !
  • The quite good old China time



Shuhe Rd 束河镇 Gucheng, Lijiang, Yunnan China

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Tips for you

  • Visitors can buy many leather products: wax printing, silver jewelery, dress and personal adornment, national handicraftat the market.
  • Shops selling almost the same stuff
  • It's not easy to find food stalls that are open in the day
  • The steamed yellow colored bun is nice to eat though especially when the weather is really cold in the morning.
    What to wear
  • The streets are much less crowded and food and lodging is cheaper.
  • Shehu Ancient Town has similar old architecture to Lijiang and similar Naxi people.
  • The peak period for visiting Shuhe Ancient Town is from May to October
  • You should get up early on a sunny day and wander round the old town as it's waking up, before the bongo shops open.
  • Shuhe Ancient Town is worth visiting during any season
  • Shuhe Ancient Town is safe so I would recommend it for families with young children
  • About 4 kilometers northwest from Lijiang Ancient City.
  • The roads in lijiang are very nice, less cars so it is easy to go on bike
  • Shuhe Ancient has small food outlets dotted all over town, but the main eating area is on the north side of Ancient Town
  • Eat food options are limited (most local dishes).
  • Awful over priced cappucino. 50 rmb and almost all milk with very little taste


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Small-town atmosphere and slow pace of life. The Old town is very near the hotel we stayed in Lijang, so we spend about 15 minutes to walk along the side street to the old town. People in the town are not so much in March as we imaged. So we enjoy a whole afternoon by walking along the streets and lanes, and eating the local food even though the price is much higher in the old town. The stores selling the silver products, shawl, clothes, flower cakes and various kinds of artifacts are spread along every street of the old town. Bar, coffee house and the special snack shop are the best choice to the people. The songs from the bar spread in the whole town and also in many people’s heart. This is definitely a place you don’t want to leave after you go there. If you have enough time, stay several days in the Old Town of Lijing, your life may be change there.

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