Shirakami Shrine

Attraction 7-24 Nakamachi Naka-ku, Hiroshima 730-0037, Hiroshima Prefecture Published on: 27-02-2016

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Shirakami Shrine is only 500m from the hypocenter of the A-bomb; it was completely destroyed by the blast and rebuilt in December 1955.

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Why Shirakami Shrine is special ?

Referred to as Shirakami-san by locals, Shirakami Shrine, gets its name (which means “white god”) from a time when the spot on which it stands was a section of reef that protruded from the water along the coast of the Hiroshima delta.

A place where many a ship ran aground, it is said that white paper visible to sailors was erected on the outcrop to warn oncoming vessels of the danger. Later, when land reclamation was underway, a small shrine was erected here. In recognition of the place’s former role as a low tech lighthouse, the first part of the name given to the shrine was shira using the Japanese character for “white”, and the second, kami using the character for “god” which is pronounced the same as that for “paper”.


How to get to Shirakami Shrine?

5 minutes walk south from Fukuromachi tram stop on tram lines #1, #3 and #7.

Selling points

  • Got a blessing from the priest
  • Good food and carnival games stalls
  • Suitable for walking around
  • A variety of ornaments of worship
  • An impressive shrine
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7-24 Nakamachi Naka-ku, Hiroshima 730-0037, Hiroshima Prefecture

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Tips for you

  • This tiny shrine is located next to the Crowne Plaza hotel, on a street corner, not too far from the Peace park.
  • There are many food and game stalls here.


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This shrine is one of my favourites. Its tiny and always free. People tend to drop in, say a quick prayer and march off which is great. Its right in the city and easily accessible by tram if you are headed that way from Hiroshima Station. The shrine is in walking distance from Fukuromachi and certainly not too far from Hondori. I suggest you visit if you have some on your hands. Have a quick glimpse at least if you don't intend to pray.

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