Shijingshan Amusement Park

Attraction 25 Shijingshan Rd, Shijingshan, Beijing, China Published on: 08-08-2016

2 hours
09:00 AM - 04:30 PM
02:00 PM
04:00 PM
First-time visit
1.47 USD

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Shijingshan Amusement Park is an entertaining park that combines outlandish buildings, horticultures, entertainment and amazing landscapes.

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Why Shijingshan Amusement Park is special ?

Shijingshan Amusement Park is really a relaxing place for adults and entertaining place for children. It is honored as the Beijing Disneyland due to the modern construction style of the European gardens. Here children can experience the castle from the story of Cinderella. The Russian style fast-food restaurant and England style London Tower Bridge can be found as well. Some entertaining activities, such as strategic defense initiative (SDI), the world of movies, spacecraft, satellite bungee and others, are equipped for tourists. Additionally, since the park was expanded, another two theme amusement zones had been added: Fantastic Zone and Adventure Zone. In a word, this park is a paradise for those who are fond of playing.


What to explore at Shijingshan Amusement Park?

In the eastern part of the park, there are facilities for such sports events as rally cars, formula cars, desert race cars and various imported small racing cars. Walking over the bridge, a modern building unfolds in front you - the 4D Flying, the large theme entertainment project which is the first class in the world and the largest in Asia. It takes you to fly and to experience the effects of flying, crossing the canyon, experiencing the wind, rain and fog, bringing you thriller experiences.

In the western part of the park, a colorful and fun recreation and entertainment garden is ready to serve all visitors. The roller coaster brings much thrilling experiences to visitors by hoverng and diving; the Ferris wheels helps unfold a picture of the modern metropolis; the waving chair brings an experience of the high sea. In addition, there are also recreation facilities much loved by the children, such as Star War, magic mirror labyrinth, bumper cars, magic castle and the royal merry-go-around. The facilities such as warrior turnplate, the octopus, the Harry's adventure, the rotating plate, the love express and the super swing are all in the family of rotating recreation items. The UFO bicycle, the flier and rocket bungee are the activities for the brave hearts. The facilities such as crazy mouse, the Jones' adventure and the snail-climbing recreation activities are either thrilling or fun. The Shenzhou roller coaster located in the southwestern part of the park is the longest suspension roller coaster in Asia. In the roller coaster facilities, the cars and the bearing facilities are all suspended outside the closed tracks, giving a thrilling experience that visitors might have never experienced before.


Selling points

  • Various entertaining equipments
  • Outlandish buidlings, horticultures and entertainment
  • Beauty of the amazing landscape
  • A fairy-style land
  • Clear lakes and meandering paths and trails
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25 Shijingshan Rd, Shijingshan, Beijing, China

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Tips for you

  • You can bring your own food if you want
    What to bring
  • It's easily accessible by metro
  • To acces the other side of the park you will need to cross the tracks (there are guards making sure you cross safety)
  • Located some 15 kilometers west of Tiananmen square
  • There's a parking lot close to the south end entrance


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Located some 15 kilometers west of Tiananmen square (easily accessible by metro, that bears the same name as the park itself). Admittedly,it isn,t as impressive and grand as Disneyland or any of the other big theme parks around the world,but it is plenty of fun and friendly on the wallet. the entrance fee per person is around 15 yuan so it is preety cheap,whiule rides cost anything from 5-50yuan per and your kids will love it.

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Call it a rip-off of Disney all you want, I had a blast. Its surprisingly big and the rides were awesome! Despite having spent half a day at the park, it was not enough to go on more rides. Also, bring in about 200 yuan if you visiting this place. Every ride needs at least 20 or more (for some) Only thing i didn't like? Was the smell of smelly toufu lingering around, thank god it was only at one part (corner part) of the whole place. Oh and you gotta wait in line for rides for quite a long time. But the longest I've waited was about half an hour, so wasn't entirely thaaaaaat bad. (even tho I'm an impatient person)

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