Shamian Island

Attraction Shamian S St, Liwan, Guangzhou, Guangdong, China Published on: 18-09-2016

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Shamian Island, the concession of Britain and France in 19th century with European style and features, is a famous sightseeing district for the history of foreign affairs, a historic reservation.

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Why Shamian Island is special ?

The name of the island literally means "sandy surface" in China. Surrounded by water, it is just like a giant ship mooring alongside the wharf. Get further and one will find that the island is carefully planned. Three east-west avenues, Shamian Avenue, Shamian North Avenue and the South Avenue, and five north-south streets, Shamian Street 1 to the Street 5 divide the whole area into 12 parts, with various buildings, namely White Swan Hotel, Shamian Hotel, and Poland Consulate in Guangzhou, scattered around. The Island has great historic significance. Also, this island is a great idea for local people as well as tourists to go for a stroll and photography.

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What to explore at Shamian Island?

Shamian Island is a famous tourist spot, scenic zone and a resort in Guangzhou, in which the White Swan Hotel, the first five-star hotel of China, sits. Trees line in the island casting shadow on the road.

Tourists can enjoy its elegance by listening to the singing birds and smelling the fragrance of the flowers all year round.

There are more than 150 buildings in European style on the island.The famous French Catholic Church, British Christ Church, former Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking Corporation (Britain), former British Consulate and former French Consulate erect on the island

During important festivals, there is always a firework gala in the Bai'e Tan opposite Shamian Island.

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How to get to Shamian Island?

By Metro: Take Subway Line 1 to Huangsha station. Get out from Exit D and walk through an overpass to the bridge to reach the Island.

By bus: Walk about 90m from the local Railway Station to the Railway Station Bus Terminal, take bus no. 823 to City Hospital of Traditional Medicine, and then walk about 110m. Or take bus 9, 38, 105, 208, 219, 236, 270 or 556 to Huangsha Wharf Station. Then walk to Shamian Island in the south.

By taxi: Take taxi from the Railway Station to reach directly. Estimated fare: CNY18 (excludes bridge toll).

Selling points

  • A glimpse of the sedate old world in a frenetic new world
  • A visitor's dream
  • A tour to another century
  • Heritage walk
  • Quiet and beautiful colonial buildings
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Shamian S St, Liwan, Guangzhou, Guangdong, China

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Tips for you

  • You should bring hats and raincoats whenever it rains unexpectedly.
    What to bring
  • There's a Starbuck Cafe on this island and also, you can enjoy coffee at Lucy's coffee which is quite good.
  • You can feel safe walking the streets in the evening and fìnd the old buildings and walking areas beautiful.
  • It has a very interesting wholesale fish market and from then you can catch several ferry boats.
    Things to do
  • You can see The French Catholic chapel, Our Lady of Lourdes Chape. There are a lot of old buildings and the statues around the island.
    What to see


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“Nice heritage square” It was built in the 19th century. All the buildings was preserve well. You can feel how's the life of the people during that century lives. The square has a garden and park for you to take a walk and it's also located along the zhujiang river. Most of this old buildings have been converted to hotels but the external of the buildings are still what it was. In that they have many chinese and western restaurant and most of the food was simply delicious or above average. I was told by the locals here that shamien island produce many well known dimsum chef master and most of them now are working in the 5 or 6 stars hotel in guangzhou or oversea. I did give it a try at few restaurants and it came out yes it's true. The food was delicious and its totally different taste from where I was and I've tried. Good place to stay but for taxi, you will need to wait as they are not many here unless you walk across the road. Cheers

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Such a beautiful neighborhood, take a walk through the streets, stop for a coffee at the Beautiful Starbucks or get a massage at the heal center

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