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Attraction Minquan Street (Sanxia Old Street), Sanxia District, Xinbei, Taiwan Published on: 18-05-2018

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Its length is about two hundred meters, and its architecture dates back to the early days when the Republic of China was newly established. Architecture buffs will enjoy this display of Japanese colonial architecture. Peruse historic relics and stores selling art and ceramics.

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Why Sanxia Old Street is special ?

Sanxia Old Street is a 200-meter long street, one of the longest old streets in northern Taiwan. After three years of renovation, it officially had its reopening to the public in 2007. This old street was an important commercial center in the old days that covers areas of Minquan street, Heping street, Ren’ai street and Zhongshan Road.

Sanxia Old Street has the best preserved, the most intact and consentaneous view of the earliest period of Taiwan. The arched red brick hallways, the squat maiden walls and the Baroque styled buildings stands are some of the features represent the time of Japanese colonial era, while the various delicate figure carvings on the outside of the building, such as traditional Chinese patterns, animal figures, and foreign patterns, showed the prosperousness of the past. Also, the street is lined with a diversity of styles of merchant houses, where visitors may savor the unique reminiscent atmosphere.

Nowadays, the old street is filled by a rendezvous of mouth-watering Taiwan specials, precious artifacts, Chinese style teahouses, old-fashioned style fabric stores, Chinese herbal medicine pharmacies, and traditional handcrafts and indigo dye stores. Cloth dyeing industry in Sanxia Old Street was passed down from Qing dynasty; it was also the heart of cloth dyeing industry at that time. Visitors may visit the local workshops to learn how to dyeing and enjoy the fun and spirit of traditional dyeing industry.

With well-preserved cultures and nostalgic ambience, Sanxia Old Street is crowded with people on the weekend, surrounded by a lively market and its rich heritage.


What to explore at Sanxia Old Street?

The Sanxia Old Street (also called Minquan Street) is considered to be one of the longest and most beautiful old streets it Taiwan. Just to give you some explanation, the term "old street" is used for a place (street, or just a section) with interesting and well preserved culture and architecture.

In the Sanxia Old Street, each building is somewhat unique, and it has beatiful facade ornaments and arcades. Each building is a shop or a restaurant in fact. The restaurants offer a large variety of traditional food and drinks, and the shops sell everything from ceramics and art to clothing, beauty products, and souvenirs. There is also a lot to see about the Hakka culture, as the shops sell items such as clothes and accessories made from the Hakka floral fabric, blue dyed clothing, and Hakka food.

In the nearby surroundings, there is a lot to see as well! There are museums, galleries, and three temples, among which the one called Zushi Temple is very famous. A bicycle route passes through Sanxia, and it is an easy ride from the city center. Other sites in this location are the Sanxia River and the Changfu Bridge. Walking over the bridge, you can enjoy the view over the Sanxia Hills.


How to get to Sanxia Old Street?

By car:

No.3 Taiwan National Highway(國道三號) -> exit Sanying offramp(三鶯交流道) -> Zhongshan Rd(中山路) -> Turn right on Minquan Rd(民權路) to reach.

By Bus:

Take bus no. 702, 705,812 to Sanxia Old Street (三峽老街)


Selling points

  • “Lots to buy, lots to eat”
  • “Step back into time”
  • “Good presentation of Taiwanese culture”
  • “A Quaint Old Street with Interesting Stores”
  • “Great architecture and cute shops”
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Minquan Street (Sanxia Old Street), Sanxia District, Xinbei, Taiwan

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Tips for you

  • Sanxia is only a 10 minute drive away from Yingge and its ceramics shopping street. After taking a Local Train (區間車) from Taipei Main Station to Yingge, simply take a taxi to Sanxia Old Street (三峽老街, Sānxiá Lǎojiē).
  • If you have half a day to spare and likes photography,consider to make a trip out to Sanxia Old Street
  • It has a signboard placed on it dashboard that says "San Xia". Inform the driver that you are heading to San Xia Old Street and the driver will notify you on the stop to alight.
  • It's about 45min from Taipei Main Station. There's a mini bus that picks up passengers right outside the station.
  • It is recommended to visit Sanxia Old Street during the weekend.
  • Five minutes away from the Zushi Temple temple was the Sanxia Minquan Old Street.
    Things nearby
  • Sanxia may be spelled Sansia on older signage.
    What to know
  • It sells everything from bicycle accessories to jewellery, souvenirs, tea and small eats etc.


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My friends and I had just arrived from the airport and were on our way to the Great Roots Forestry Resort & Spa, and had decided to break journey here, after a quick trip to the Yingge Ceramics Museum. It was turning dark, and the streets were lit up. It was very pretty, and a nice easy stroll on both sides of the "mall" would give you a little taste of that part of Taiwan. My friends spent most of their time in the ceramics shop, and also sampled the Almond Drinks and desserts.

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These old streets are largely unspoiled which is a pleasant surprise. No garish neon signs and tasteful shops. Went on a rainy weekday so did not see the crowds who come at weekends, enjoyed the nearby Temple of the Divine Progenitor, and the Tai Hwa pottery. As a combined tour, it makes the trip south of Taiwan a good half day outing

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Lots of delicious food and there are some things you don't usually see in other places. There's an old, famous temple in there too. Inside it's peaceful and serene. It's definitely worth a visit.

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its a great place and the temple there is the best in all of taipei county but it takes an effort to get here of about 1.5 hours on subway and bus. but i think its one of the better half day trips.

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