Saigon Opera House (Ho Chi Minh Municipal Theater)

Attraction No.7 Lam Son Square, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City Published on: 18-02-2016

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Saigon Opera House is famous for the French colonial architecture era. With its unique and magnificent building you will have great time to watching special show and really value.

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Why Saigon Opera House (Ho Chi Minh Municipal Theater) is special ?

The Saigon Opera House was custom built in 1897 by French architect Eugene Ferret. In 1955 it was transformed into South Vietnam's Assembly House and has undergone several refurbishments since. It is only open to the public during events.

The Saigon Opera House, lying charmingly in the heart of the city's District 1 area, becomes a theater for a variety of traditional and classical performances such as plays, concerts, ballet, opera, and Vietnamese traditional dance. Moreover, this house - the brightest building of Ho Chi Minh City - is also one of the exciting destinations which no one should miss when visiting this city. The central position of Municipal Theatre makes it pretty easy to be found. The site can be combined to a city tour, as it’s in a close vicinity of Saigon Notre Dame Cathedral and Reunification Palace. Tourists should go for a performance here if have chances.


What to explore at Saigon Opera House (Ho Chi Minh Municipal Theater)?

The exterior has the appearance of polished pearl and makes a great place to photograph – especially at night when bathed in a soft, orange light. The entrance is through a vaulted archway that is kept in immaculate condition; inside, expect swathes of red velvet, classical friezes and hardwood floors. Although the official name of the building is The Municipal Theatre of Ho Chi Minh it is by far more commonly known as the Saigon Opera House and after the restoration work in 1995, the building is just as it was at the turn of the 19th Century

How to get to Saigon Opera House (Ho Chi Minh Municipal Theater)?

Take Bus number 03, 03b, or 26 to 74/A2-74/A4 Hai Bà Trưng and walk three minutes. Or, take Bus number 01, 02, 02b to 2-4 Lê Lợi and walk six minutes.

Selling points

  • Municipal theatre
  • Magnificent building of the French colonial era
  • Can’t take your eyes off the elegant architecture
  • Excellent AO show at the Opera house
  • Beautiful cultural showcase for the city
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No.7 Lam Son Square, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City

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Tips for you

  • Restroom is clean and comfortable.
  • Remember that you aren't allowed food and drink into the actual auditorium.
    Things to do
  • Smoking is forbidden.
  • Saigon Opera house does not always open for travelers to visit inside the theater. So, visitors can only pass by or take some photos outside the Opera house.
  • You should keep eyes on your children to avoid getting lost.
  • Make sure to buy good seats (such as the first floor) because it can be a bit hard to see over people in front of you.
  • Parking lot is available.
  • The opera house is quite small. Definitely aimed at the tourists -compared to most things the show was quite expensive
    Ticket and Pricing
  • Every Sunday morning, there are street performances in front of the Opera, welcome everyone to enjoy the show. It's totally free and Do not missed ! If you really want to see its interior: check their shows and buy a ticket. They always have a traditional Vietnamese culture show called "Hồn Việt" (Vietnamese soul) on 15th and 23rd of every month especially performed for foreigners. The show lasts in 1 hour and starts from 5p.m. Ticket price: 100.000 vnd to 300.000 vnd.


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The AO Show was really good! But it might be better to take the centre seats or you'll miss out stuff at the sides...if you really must then maybe the right side facing the stage may be better

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Most reviews under this listing are for the shows playing at the Opera House, which actually have their own Trip Advisor listings. The Opera House itself is an OK tourist attraction, but nothing super-special. It’s a lovely building, and a curious slice of European architecture in the middle of one of SE Asia’s most bustling cities. I don’t know if you can see inside without a ticket, but the interior is nothing that special anyway. The way to really experience the Opera House is to book tickets to whichever A O Show is playing at the theatre ( When I was there, The Mist was playing. My understanding is that “A O” is the name of the theatre company that uses the Opera House, and they change their shows semi-regularly. The Mist was the name of the show that I saw. And it was incredible. Simply the most beautiful live performance I’ve seen in years. I’ve written a review for it here if you want more details: (

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