Rua da Felicidade

Attraction Rua da Felicidade, Macau Published on: 10-10-2016

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The Rua da Felicidade is definitely an eye-widening experience: a stone slab paved street lined all the way by 2-storey Chinese buildings.

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Why Rua da Felicidade is special ?

The Rua da Felicidade is definitely an eye-widening experience: a stone slab paved street lined all the way by 2-storey Chinese buildings constructed with traditional grey bricks, tiled roof and embellished by vermillion window frames. Looking from a distance with streams of tourists flocking in, the gradual rise in elevation that begins at the midway of the lengthy street looks remarkably impressive. It is imaginable that during the thriving Republican period of China, how unique this thronged street of nowadays would have been in a Portuguese enclave. By today, it is packed with shops, restaurants of different cuisines, small eateries offering special delicacies and old-style guesthouses. No wonder tourists often spent much time queuing up outside different shops, nothing more than to taste the local flavors that are famous at home and abroad.


What to explore at Rua da Felicidade?

The place is serene. Rua lies in a very serene street. This would provide you with a lot of peace and tranquility as you are touring the street. As a result, you are able to focus on what the city has to offer. It is always relaxing to be in a peaceful place.

Rua has great cuisine. There are several restaurants in this street that offer tantalizing delicacies. There, you will have a chance to sample a great Chinese cuisine. For example, Cheung Kei noodles are in plenty here. They are prepared by highly experienced cooks. They make them using the best ingredients possible.

Also, Rua de Felicidade Macau will provide you with a chance to experience the Asian culture. The street is filled with people dressed in Asian attires. In addition, there is a great assortment of items that represent their culture. The people of Macau know their cultures well. You will therefore get a chance to listen to them as they narrate stories to you. The people in Macau are very friendly. They treat all visitors with a lot of respect. In addition, they are very helpful. They assist their guests in every step of the way. This is especially for those who do not know directions to where they are going.

Lastly, most items in Rua are very. You will have a chance of purchasing food and other items at very reasonable prices. A visit to Rua De Felicidade will be suitable even for those with small budgets.


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Rua da Felicidade, Macau

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