Roi Temple

Attraction Tân Thịnh Commune, Yên Bái Province, Việt Nam Published on: 13-11-2015

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Roi temple islocated in Tan Thinh commune, Yen Bai city. According to the elderly in the village recalling that the village has existed for a very long time.

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Why Roi Temple is special ?

Chua Roi Temple is recognized as historical relic of religious architecture art by Decision of the provincial people’s committee No. 460/QD – PPC dated 30/11/2005.

The temple was renovated, embellished for many times. In two wars against the French and Americans, this temple became the residence and workplace of the revolutionary cadres. In this period, the worshipping items were put in a place no one noticed. In 1953, four thrones were lost. Until 1979, 5 stone incense burners were also missing.


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  • Worth a visit when you're exploring Yen Bai
  • Beautiful and Tranquil place
  • A highlight of Yen Bai
  • A great place for photo lovers
  • A great place for history lovers
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Tân Thịnh Commune, Yên Bái Province, Việt Nam

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