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Shopping Avenida Almirante Lacerda and Avenida Horta e Costa on the Macau Peninsula, Macau, China Published on: 06-10-2016

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The Red Market (Chinese: 紅街市大樓) is a three-story wet market building in the peninsula area of Macau.

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Why Red Market is special ?

The market buzzes with business as vendors sell clothes, shoes, accessories as well as jeans. Dried foods, fresh produce, fish and meat can also be found there. Red Market Pedestrian Street is also famous for flower selling.


What to explore at Red Market?

You can take the buses 1, 1A, 3, 4, 5, 8, 16, 17, 23, 25, 26, 26A, 32, 33 and 34 to go to the Red Market.

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Avenida Almirante Lacerda and Avenida Horta e Costa on the Macau Peninsula, Macau, China

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Tips for you

  • Along the streets and nearby alleys are a variety of shops that sell clothing, shoes, jewelry and small electronic parts at affordable prices.
    Things nearby
  • The vegetables and meat in supermarket are not very fresh and much.
    What to know
  • The market don't have fitting room facilities for Customers, so you should make sure of choosing the correct size
    What to know


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I hate the food in school, so I often cook by myself. So I need to go to the supermarket often. But the vegetables and meat in supermarket are not very fresh and much. So I decided to go to vegetable market. I heard Red Market was the biggest market in Macau. I spent more than 1.5 hours getting there. After I arrived there, I found that there were so many kinds of food, not only vegetables, but also fresh fish and shrimp. The building here were very old, looked a little dirty. These were so different from the Grand Lisboa and The Venetian Macao-Resort-Hotel. In the past, I thought that people living in Macau were all rich, and Macau was gaiety and splendour of the metropolis. When I crossed the market, I saw shops sold clothes and shoes, the price of them was very cheap. I realized the poor was everywhere, and every city had its hidden side. I liked red market, it help me to know more about Macau, it let me contact the different class in Macau. It also offered abundant food material. I bought a lot of things, and I cooked a big meal for myself.

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Great place for bargains, local food and authentic experience without casinos and tourist crowds. Easy to get to and fud to get lost in the maze of the shops, foodstalls and real life of the town. I definitely looked out of place, but people were very friendly and helpful.

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