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Remote 3 Chome-47 Ōnarichō, Ōmiya-ku, Saitama-shi, Saitama-ken 330-0852, Japan Published on: 26-02-2016

10:00 AM - 06:00 PM
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The Railway Museum (鉄道博物館 Tetsudō Hakubutsukan?) is a railway museum in Saitama, Saitama, Japan, which opened on 14 October 2007.

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Why Railway Museum is special ?

The Railway Museum was opened on 14 October 2007 in Saitama City by JR East. It recounts the history of railway in Japan, exhibits many previously used train cars, teaches train operation using interesting simulators, and explains railway technology as it evolved over the years.

The museum's big collection of formerly used train cars includes steam and diesel locomotives, and retired shinkansen, passenger and freight cars. Many of them can be entered or viewed from under. The museum further showcases one of Japan's largest dioramas. In another section, railway concepts, science and systems are explained through models and hands-on activities.

Source: http://www.japan-guide.com

What to explore at Railway Museum?

On the 1st floor of the “Learning Zone," there are the carriage factory laboratory where visitors can experience assembling and disassembling a carriage and the station laboratory where visitors can experience the works of station staff and the like. On the 2nd and 3rd floor, visitors can learn the principles and the structure of railways using interactive devices for which real parts and model carriages are heavily used.

In addition, there are the “Park Zone" where visitors can operate a miniature train and the “North Wing" where small children can enjoy safely.

Source: http://www.jnto.go.jp

How to get to Railway Museum?

Take the New Shuttle from JR Omiya Station and get off at "Tetsudo-Hakubutsukan Station". One-minute walk from "Tetsudo-Hakubutsukan Station".

Selling points

  • Must visit for kids & train lovers
  • A stunning modern museum
  • A paradise for children, good fun for adults
  • Nice Range of Locomotives
  • Train spotters delight
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3 Chome-47 Ōnarichō, Ōmiya-ku, Saitama-shi, Saitama-ken 330-0852, Japan

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Tips for you

  • At the deck, visitors can take nice photos and videos of passing trains. There is also a timetable showing the passing time of Shinkansen.
  • You should visit the official website to get more information.
  • You should not go during school holidays or weekends, it is very crowded.
  • Last admission is about 30 mins before closing time.
  • The ticketing system is designed to work with your Suica / Pasmo prepaid card. If you don't have Suica, you should purchase an admission card at the admission rental card machine. Please return it to the sta when leaving (use manned gate).
  • As parking space is limited, you would be recommended to use public transportation.
  • If you want to ride the individual small locos in the rail yard, they are so popular you should make reservations.
  • You can either eat at one of the restaurants inside the building or you can buy an, “ekiben” ( a packed lunch sold at stations – extremely popular in Japan).


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Go to the viewing gallery on third floor where you can see Shinkansens zoom past

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This is by far the best railroad museum I have visited. It's exhibits are in pristine condition, and represent an extensive span of Japanese rail history. The 2nd floor wall shows Japanese railroad history from its beginnings in the 1840's to present day. The downside here is that too much is only in Japanese.what is quite interesting, especially given the extensive network of Shinkansen in Japan is how old the concept was. The first high-speed trains first were envisioned during the war. Then only steam had the capabilities, but as soon as the Tokaido line was electrified, very high speed service with limited stops was introduced. There is QR symbols on many of the free standing exhibits. In addition to the displays, ther are several simulator using real travel video which allow people to operate a train between two stations. Most impressive was the Shinkansen simulator: 210 km per hour is quite impressive when seen from the cab. Steam operation is included, but it is an extra cost. the children are not forgotten with a larger layout in the one yard with small (adults can even sit inside) which run the entire layout. The museum is easily reached through Omiya station on JR. Once at the station, signs clearly direct one to the New Train and the museum (one stop later). The other Benefit is that the Suica card (which every eastern Japan traveler should have) also is used for entrance and extras.

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