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Attraction Plaza Miranda & Quezon Blvd. | Quiapo, Manila, Luzon, Philippines Published on: 13-11-2015

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Quiapo Church is one of Manila's most famous churches. It is also known as the "Church of the Black Nazarene" and sometimes referred to as the "Minor Basilica of the Black Nazarene."

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Why Quiapo Church is special ?

Quiapo Church, officially known as Minor Basilica of the Black Nazarene, is a Roman Catholic church located in the District of Quiapo, Manila, in the Philippines. The church is one of the most popular churches in the country. It is home to the Black Nazarene, a much venerated statue of Jesus Christ which many people believe has miraculous attributes. The church was painted cream after the original Mexican Baroque edifice was burned down in 1928. It is expanded to its current form in 1984 for accommodation of thousands of devotees. Also known as St. John the Baptist Parish, the church at present belongs to the Archdiocese of Manila. The current rector is Rev. Msgr. Jose Clemente Ignacio, former Episcopal Vicar, Chancellor and Oeconomus of the Archdiocese of Manila, who succeeded Msgr. Josefino Ramirez (the Vicar General of the archdiocese) upon the latter's appointment as rector of the Archdiocesan Shrine of the Divine Mercy in Maysilo, Mandaluyong City. Assisting Msgr.

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What to explore at Quiapo Church?

One of Manila’s best-known landmarks, Quiapo is the home of the Black Nazarene , an image of Christ believed to be miraculous. The life-size statue, carved from ebony, was first brought to Quiapo in 1767. Twice a year the greatly revered image is carried on the shoulders of thousands of frenzied devotees in one of Manila’s biggest religious festivals, the Black Nazarene Procession.

Every January 9, devotees flock to Quiapo in hopes of touching the life sized statue of the Black Nazarene who is believed to have inexplicable and miraculous powers. Some people have claimed that the reason the Black Nazarene is so popular with the Filipinos is because it was the first religious image to which Filipinos could relate, owing to its dark skin tone. Regardless of the reason for its popularity, the Black Nazarene continues to be a beacon of hope for people who want to receive absolution for their sins.

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How to get to Quiapo Church?

The easiest and most comfortable way to commute going to Quiapo is through the Light Rail Transit (LRT) and Metro Rail Transit (MRT) lines.

If you are commuting using the Light Rail Transit (LRT) line 1, and you are coming from the south of Metro Manila e.g. Paranaque, Sucat, Alabang, Muntinlupa, etc., you should get to any station of LRT1 and ride a Monumento or Roosevelt bound train. Get off the train as soon as you get to the Carriedo station. From Carriedo station, you will get to Quiapo Church by walking eastward.

If you are commuting using the Light Rail Transit (LRT) line 2 and you are coming from any station, anywhere from Santolan station, you just need to get off at Recto station that is the last station of LRT-2. From there you just need to walk toward the corner of C.M. Recto and Quezon Boulevard where you will see the Isetann Mall. From the Isetann Mall you walk southward to get to the Quiapo Church.

If you are commuting using the Metro Rail Transit (MRT) line 3, you should get off at the last station that is Taft station. Walk towards the connecting crossway that links MRT-3 to LRT-1 and go to EDSA station. Then in EDSA station, ride a train north bound or Monumento/ Roosevelt bound and get off at Carriedo station. Walk yourself for a few meters eastward to get to Quiapo Church.

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Selling points

  • Say a prayer and get some glasses made
  • Minor Basilica of the The Black Nazarene
  • Iconic Church
  • Interesting church and surrounding marketplace
  • House of the Black Nazarene
3  nice days in Manila with my family

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Plaza Miranda & Quezon Blvd. | Quiapo, Manila, Luzon, Philippines

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Tips for you

  • It's best to know your way. Quiapo has a lot of twist and turns. One can easily be lost if the wrong way is taken, you should ask people who knows the way pretty well like the pedicab drivers, the local police or the traffic enforcers.
    Things to do
  • If you want to see raw and unvarnished devotion Filipino-style, trek to Quiapo on Fridays where you will see devotees pray and plea for small miracles, general well-being and good luck.
    What to see
  • It's better to travel in groups and avoid crowd, especially at the last blessing after the mass when all rush to the altar.
  • You should wear sneakers, since you’d be walking most of the time. The weather can be unpredictable so wear something that’s applicable to all conditions.
    What to wear
  • You should beware of pickpockets and keep your cell phone and don't stay after dark, it's so dangerous.
  • There are a number of chain restaurants that will serve you well. Behind the church are Pateros and Carriedo street where you can find leather goods, fake IDs, knives, etc.....
    Things nearby
  • Parking cars are really hard. If you happen to go there, you can park at Isetan Department store in Recto.
  • If you are not local, you shouldn't eat any of the street food, because there is no guarantee of its quality.


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Quiapo Church has been a landmark for the Catholic Faith in the Philippines, being the only Catholic country in Asia. The church is located in the center of Manila, the former capital of the Philippines. The old Central Business District in the 1940's till the 1960's was located near the Church, Escolta, Sta. Cruz, Binondo. Thus, Quiapo church is always filled with people the whole day, throughout 7 days a week. The immediate area has also been the focus of urban renewal and there is now a plaza infront of the church, which was formerly a city street used for parking and for the itinerant vendors plying the street with their wares. Upon entering the church, one will see the many devotees religiously praying their rosaries, saying their novenas or merely invoking the Divine intercession for their many worldly woes. It has been ages since I visited the Church and many things have changed. Now, there is a queue before you touch the Black Nazarene located at the side of the church. There are also a lot of statues within the special chapel that you can also touch as you go along the line of devotees. Though many catholic churches have been erected in all parts of the country, Quiapo church procession for the Black Nazarene held every January of each year commands the most following with 5 million attendees this year, 2015. Thus, if you want to see the burning fire of the Catholic faith in the country you can observe the Black Nazarene procession.

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Beware of pickpockets and keep your cellphone. A lot of people are going to this place because of the prices are really low. Quiapo church is very accessible. You need to walk and walk. Parking cars are really hard. If you happen ti go there, you can park at Isetan Department store in Recto. They have pay parking space. Then you can just walk straight to Quiapo church.

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You go to Quiapo to visit the church, which is pretty significant, tour the market, which is very authentic, and to roam the streets behind the church, which is the epicenter of optometry techs, where the country outsources their eyeglass manufacturing.On any given day, there are people in church, either praying or attending mass. The church is nice, the statue of the Black Nazarene is iconic, and you can feel the love. outside is an open air market. If you are not local, I wouldn't suggest that you eat any of the street food, bc there is no guarantee of it's quality. Luckily, there are a number of chain restaurants that will serve you well. Feel free to barter and purchase some religious figurines, however.Behind the church are Pateros and Carriedo streets. Here you can find leather goods, fake IDs, knives, etc..... I came here to get glasses made. You can go into a retail store and have no-line bifocals, with Transitions lenses for ~$200, complete with name-brand parts......or you can go down the side street and find a craftsman that will do it for 1/3 the price. I get how it works bc I'm Filipino, but if you're a foreigner, I hope that you have a local connection that can speak and barter for you.Do be careful. There is a pickpocket syndicate, which is very complex. don't stay after dark, if you don't have to, and don't stick out.

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home of the black nazarene, the quiapo church is a great icon of the city of manila. i was first introduced to the church by my grandmother who was a devotee (complete with the maroon dress and golden yellow belt). as the years pass, i've seen a lot of changes in the church. i'm glad that the plaza in front has now been (mostly) cleared of vendors (although not of the gnarly traffic, especially on fridays). this morning i was even surprised to find that there's a big screen outside showing the ongoing mass inside, for people who can't come in because of congestion. that i thought was a great idea. it could still use a little bit more cleaning up, but then again, it's quiapo. part of its history and charm is the chaos that lives around it. somehow it won't be the same if it achieved the ambiance of san agustin or the manila cathedral -- and truth be told, i don't think i want it to.

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