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Attraction Puka Shell Beach Malay Philippines Published on: 13-11-2015

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Puka Beach is a good alternative for if you want to take a break from the huge crowd in White Beach.

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Why Puka beach is special ?

Puka Beach Boracay is located in Baranggay Yakap at northern tip of Boracay Island. It is named Puka Beach because of the Puka shells that are found in the white sand. For the locals Puka beach is a source of income because they turn the shells into accessories such as necklaces, anklets, and other souvenir items, but For tourists Puka beach is a place of relaxation and tranquility. Unlike White Beach where it is busy and crowded, Puka Beach is quiet and peaceful. You can only hear the sound of soft and gentle waves touching the white sand, there are no structures, and there are less people.

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What to explore at Puka beach?

The beach here is not ideal for swimming because the waters are deep and the waves are rough. But the calm atmosphere and the stunning sunset can make your visit here very memorable. To get to Puka Beach by land you can either take a tricycle, rent an all terrain vehicle, bike, or motorcycle. If you would like to see more of Boracay Island’s incredible scenery, you can rent a Banka to take you to Puka Beach.

Source: http://boracay360.com

How to get to Puka beach?

To get to Puka beach you need to take a little taxi, unless you want to walk for around an hour in the heat! Remember to negotiate the price.

Selling points

  • Paradise within a paradise
  • Solemn and great place to relax
  • Beautiful location
  • Best place to go swimming
  • Clear water,fine white sand
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Puka Shell Beach Malay Philippines

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Tips for you

  • Do take note that prices of food and souvenirs are about 30-40% pricier than what you can find at the white beach.
  • It's the perfect budget alternative for couples who would like take wedding pictures but can't afford to go to the Maldives.
    Things to do
  • You can buy some shakes at some wooden-shack stores that are just around the corner.
  • It is quiet and very good photo place.
  • Don't stop at the first spot you see, walk a bit further to get a bit more private paradise beach.
  • No entrance fee in Puka Beach.


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I liked the beach because it is far from the hustle and bustle of the White Beach. Sand is replaced by shells here in this beach but they were not painful to step onto. The water is much deeper and the waves are bigger but it is part of the fun in swimming here. Though not advisable for kids though because of the depth but adults will surely enjoy the place. It is also a good place to find a spot where you can spend alone time on the beach as it is not crowded.

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