Phuket Upside Down House (Baan Teelanka)

Attraction Baan Teelanka & A-Maze-in-Phuket & Chamber of Secrets @BaanTeelanka Mueang Phuket District Phuket Thailand Published on: 26-06-2016

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The Phuket Upside Down House is a lovely pink house standing upside down in a green garden. It’s the latest and most surprising destination in Phuket.

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Why Phuket Upside Down House (Baan Teelanka) is special ?

Baan Teelanka ( The Upside Down House) & Maze Phuket, is a quirky, fun, good for photos attraction. It consists of an Upside House and a maze. The upside down house stands 13 metres high, and has 3 furnished floors that contain an attic, 3 different style bedrooms, staircases, a lounge, kitchen and a bathroom.

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What to explore at Phuket Upside Down House (Baan Teelanka)?

Here the furniture hangs from the floor and you can dance on the ceiling! It has been so well created that that it gives a disorientating, yet funny, enjoyable feeling.

The kitchen, living room, bedroom, working area are all beautifully executed and you just have to take a photo and rotate your camera to realize that it actually looks perfectly real.

You can then continue and walk up (or down) to the open air basement. The house being a modern Thai house, it is (supposedly) built on stilts where usually the garage, kids playground are found, and the highlight of the house: a real Tuk Tuk.

Behind this fantastic house is another fun attraction: a large garden maze to challenge your senses further aptly called 'A Maze In Thailand'. Seen from high grounds it seems pretty simple as you can seeing and trying to.

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Selling points

  • Fantastic experience
  • Helpful and friendly staff
  • A great architecture
  • Great little attraction
  • Let your imagination turn upside down!
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Baan Teelanka & A-Maze-in-Phuket & Chamber of Secrets @BaanTeelanka Mueang Phuket District Phuket Thailand

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Tips for you

  • Make sure you have ways to get out after your visit as there is no TUK TUK nearby. (It located beside a highway)
  • The staff is very fantastic as they will show you where to stand in each room to get the best effect when taking photos
  • There is a snack shop inside this place but only soft drinks and cup noodles available
  • Note that everything is upside down - presumably super-glued or screwed onto the ceiling. If you turn your camera upside down you can come up with some wacky photos that make you look like you're in some crazy position or upside down.
  • Free Wi-fi for you to stay connected and update their social medias. There is no wheelchair access, and strollers will need to navigate multiple flights of stairs.
  • Be there early to make your money worth the time spent
  • Parking is not an issue as there is a fair size car park that has an upside down VW Beetle car
  • Don't forget your camera and do take home some wonderful photographs
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Really a wonderful place to visit. My partner and I were quite pleased to have decided to see this place right after Christmas. It took as a little more than an hour taking photos and trying to figure out how to get the right pose and angles in order to have good shots in each and every area. The photos we've taken didn't seem to have much impact at first when we looked at them, but we were absolutely amazed when we had them rotated! It was such a good experience for only 250 THB entrance fee. The staff were quite helpful too and speak reasonable English. We didn't try the maze as it seems quite small and simple, and we have to pay additional fees for it.

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