Phuket Mining Museum

Attraction Moo 5, Kathu-Ko Kaeo Rd, Kathu, Phuket, Thailand Published on: 26-06-2016

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Phuket mining museum, which is behind the Loch Palm Golf Club of Kathu, is one of the most attractive islands museum in Thailan. It has outdoor and indoor view so that you not only can enjoy the exhibition and gallery with many pictures and spaces that demonstrate the old days in outdoor,

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Why Phuket Mining Museum is special ?

Phuket Mining Museum (or Kathu Mining Museum) was built with unusual grandeur in a very remote and isolated location behind the Loch Palm Golf Club of Kathu, somewhere in the hills before Patong. Museums in Phuket are not exactly living spaces where artists exhibit their creations; but this one gives you a pretty good vision of what Phuket was famous for during the tin mining era.

What to explore at Phuket Mining Museum?

the visitors coming there can:

+ You will be impressive on the scaled model of a mine with hundred figurines at work, probably the most photographed part of the museum. The second would be the caves with wax prehistoric men hidden behind corners, probably to scare you. It worked for me!

+ The third part is more entertaining with a small reproduction of an old Phuket town with barges, shops and workshops and even some more scary wax full size figures smoking opium on a bed behind a door. A bit creepy, but I was alone... In fact I was alone in the entire museum.

+ Once you walked through the whole Phuket Mining Museum building, which doesn't take long despite its size, you can explore the park around and have a look at some other mining remains and machine spare parts as well as a beautiful view on the nearby hills.

How to get to Phuket Mining Museum?

On the road between Loch Palm Golf Club and British International School. You can't miss the entrance: a Sino-Portuguese style double archway.You can follow this detail instruction to get to there. From Phuket Phuket Town Inn-Muang District, Phuket, Thailand Lan. Going westward toward ถนน ดีบุก. Continuing to ตำบล ตลาด เหนือ. Turning right onto ถนน ดีบุก.

Turning left onto ถนน เทพ กระษัตรี / เทพ กระษัตรี. Turning left onto ถนน ทุ่ง คา. Continuing to ถนน แม่ หล วน. Driving to your destination in ตำบล ตลาด ใหญ่ เทศบาล นคร ภูเก็ต. Turning right onto สุสาน ติ. Continuing to เอก วานิช. turn right.

Selling points

  • - “Nice park to explore”
  • - “Interesting exhibit”
  • - “Basic origin of Phuket business”
  • - “Interessantes Museum mit viel Information über Phuket”
  • - " A treasure of mining"
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Moo 5, Kathu-Ko Kaeo Rd, Kathu, Phuket, Thailand

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Tips for you

  • - There is no bus to go there. So, you need to have your own transportation or take a cab
  • - You can buy some souvenirs because there are some shops outside.
  • The Staff not particularly animated or engaging.
  • - There are not enough light inside the museum.
  • - The best time to visit is 1:00 pm to 3:00 pm.
  • - It's closed on sunday.
  • - There are displays in every room with signage in Thai and English.
  • - The outside part in mostly recreational, little beat run down, due to financial problem
  • There is a really nice lake and interpretive walk to old Tin mining digs
    Things nearby
  • - All of the exhibits are in Thai for you to visit.


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The beautiful pink Sino Portuguese building which houses the Phuket Mining Museum and showcases the history of tin mining on Phuket Island is built as a large square with a courtyard in the middle. There are displays in every room with signage in Thai and English. The mines attracted many thousands of Chinese workers and there are displays showing them arriving by sea plus their living and working conditions. Phuket tin was renowned worldwide due to it not having any arsenic in it so it was easier to mine. There are also life size displays and lots of old artifacts and photographs plus old mining equipment etc on display outside. The Kathu Mining Museum is located in Kathu between Loch Palm Golf Course and the British International School. Entry fee for adults is 100baht. We visited the Phuket Mining Museum as part of a day out with Chaya from Phuket Heritage Trails, there is so much more to Phuket than the beach areas. Chaya is passionate about her Island and loves talking and showing people places that the normal run of the mill drivers would not take you to. Try a day out with Phuket Heritage Trails and you just might be surprised that Phuket has a fantastic history and plenty of interesting places. Do not believe people who say Phuket is just an island for tourists, they do not know what they are talking about, there is plenty of culture and history here.

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