Pho Win Daung Temple Complex

Attraction Village Minzu, Monywa, Myanmar Published on: 13-11-2015

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Phowintaung also spelt as Hpowindaung, Powintaung, Po Win Taung) is a Buddhist cave complex located approximately 25 kilometers west of Monywa and 10 kilometers southeast of Yinmabin, in Yinmabin Township.

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Why Pho Win Daung Temple Complex is special ?

After a short ride from Monywa southwestwards one crosses the Chindwin

River by boat. From there, after passing the S&K copper-mine, a drive of about 45 minutes leads up to a small village in the Hpo Win Hills, where the caves are situated. The caves contain Buddhist statues,

wood carvings and murals dating to the 17th and 18th centuries

Crowning the top of Powin hill are a complex of 3 temples curved out of volcanic rocks. One looks like a cathedral curved out of rock, while the other two are cave temples housing Buddha images in seated and reclining positions as well as wood-carvings and murals


Selling points

  • The Mountain of the Myth
  • Between Mandalay and Bagan
  • The caves of Buddhas are really special
  • Another bunch of caves
  • Worth the drive for the landscape
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Village Minzu, Monywa, Myanmar

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Tips for you

  • The area requires a bit of walking but you will be awarded with a nice view.
  • The monkeys are very aggressive, so young children should be forewarned.
  • This place quite far from center city and hard to find if you are without of guide.
  • It's better to go with a guide, both to arrange the transportation and also to make sure you don't miss anything.
    What to know
  • You can go inside and see the painting and carvings.
    What to see


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Very interesting, isolated ancient Buddha caves that will make you feel like an explorer first discovering this site. It is quite a drive from Mandalay (about 4-5 hours) and the area requires a bit of walking ad light hiking but if you enjoy visiting ancient sites like these, the journey will be worth your time and effort.

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