Penang War Museum

Attraction No Lot 1350 Mukim 12, Batu Maung Daerah Barat Daya 11960 Pulau Pinang, Myanmar Published on: 01-11-2017

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Penang War Museum is now a sprawling historical complex exhibiting many war paraphernalias, and shows historical timelines of events.

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Why Penang War Museum is special ?

Penang War Museum in Bukit Batu Maung was a fort built by the British in the 1930s. In 1941 it gained fame when it became the site where the battle for Penang against the invading Japanese army was lost. These days it is a museum open to the public and is billed as Southeast Asia’s largest war museum.

Situated on the road to Teluk Kumbar on Penang’s southern coast, the fort was initially supposed to be a preserved citadel constructed as part of a plan to protect the island from foreign invasion. It is also known as Muzium Perang Pulau Pinang

The former British bastion was manned by British, Sikh and Malay soldiers after its completion. It fell during WWII when the Japanese launched an attack against the fort from inland, rather than from the sea, as was expected by the British.

From that day onwards (17 December 1941) the Japanese commandeered the stronghold and the army base became chequered with a dark past. It was used as a prison base for acts of torture and other cruelties; as a result of these war atrocities, the garrison was dubbed ‘Bukit Hantu’ (Ghost Hill) by locals due to the hundreds of people who were brought here and beheaded.

What to explore at Penang War Museum?

Interesting fact: the 20-acre museum houses historical artefacts such as cannons and even features underground military tunnels and ammunition bunkers which are located nine metres underground. Some of these tunnels lead all the way to the sea as they once served as access routes to get to submarines. Navigating through these passageways sometimes forces one to walk or even crawl through very narrow, confined spaces.
Additionally, you can also tour the barracks, cookhouses, gun emplacements and other structures in the eerie and vast Penang War Museum as there are plenty of signposts to guide your way.

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  • “A day in the woods”
  • "Great experience!”
  • “A trip back in time”
  • “The Horrors on Ghost Hill”
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No Lot 1350 Mukim 12, Batu Maung Daerah Barat Daya 11960 Pulau Pinang, Myanmar

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Tips for you

  • There's lots of newspaper clippings and explanations you can read on
    Things to do
  • You can great views from the viewing platform to see the new bridge vet the water .
    What to see
  • Position on a hill requires visitors to drive through a relatively narrow wooded road.
  • It was good place to learn about WW2 and particularly educational for the younger generation.
  • Plenty of walking and stairs so be prepared.
  • The location is quite far from the city georgetown but near the second Penang bridge.
  • Admission is RM30 + RM5 parking, photography costs extra
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Wear proper attire if you wanna try crawling, climbing in the real deep, dark tunnels. This place is advisable to visit to history lovers. Happy exploring !

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We visited the war museum a few weeks ago. This is not a "museum" as such, neither is it a tourist theme park. I think you have to be interested in military history to enjoy it. We are, and we did. I cannot agree with some comments about the desk as you go in, the people there were very helpful, to us, our party consisting of 3 English people, and one Malaysian. There is an eerie feeling about the place, to me that's how it should be. The exhibits are very informative. You wander around on your own, although the paths are marked. 35 ringgits, around £7 (ish) in £££. Well worth it. Paintballing.....yes there is one part of the place, for that, although we never saw it, we were there for the exhibits, and a step back in time. All in all well worth our visit. We enjoyed some refreshment before we left. Gift Shop, yes there is one but that's up to the individual.

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