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Attraction Pattaya, Thailand Published on: 13-11-2015

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Pattaya beach attracts weekend vacationers from the city. It has everything for everyone. Backpackers come here for the nice bungalows, cheap beers, and plentiful seafood.

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Why Pattaya Beach is special ?

Pattaya Beach is divided into the north, central and south zones. Starting from Dusit Resort Hotel in the area called North Pattaya to the small hill in the South, Pattaya beach and its parallel beach road is about 3 kilometres long. Apart from swimming and sunbathing, the beach also offers excellent facilities for watersports enthusiasts of all kinds.

North Pattaya features several kinds of beachfront accommodations, entertainment complexes and restaurants. The 2nd Pattaya Road in North Pattaya highlights Tiffany Show, Alcazar Cabaret and Central Festival Department Store. Central Pattaya offers many medium-sized hotels, beer bars, a-go-go bars, clothing shops and shopping complexes such as Royal Garden Plaza and Mike Shopping Mall.

South Pattaya, the most bustling area, is also called Walking Street as it is closed for traffic from 19.00 to midnight. The street is crowded with numerous shops ranging from tailor shops, clothing shops, sport equipment shops, jewellery shops and souvenir shops. Bars are densely located here along with restaurants close to the beach.

What to explore at Pattaya Beach?

A four-kilometre stretch of beach is full of fun activities during the day, and full of surprises at night. Pattaya Beach is divided into three main areas. North Pattaya is the most peaceful beach of the three. Lined along the beach are top quality hotels and resorts, restaurants, bars, shops, department stores, gradually giving way to a less developed more tranquil area.

Central and South Pattaya represents what is called 'the entertainment hub', where all discotheques, beer bars, and naughty nightlife can be found. Nonetheless, walking under palm trees lined along the beach path and exploring the area can also be good fun.

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Selling points

  • really lively beach
  • good place for sunbathing
  • prettily charming beach
  • stunning view of sunset
  • win and sunset
4 days in Pattaya for backpackers

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Pattaya, Thailand

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Tips for you

  • This beach is close to Bangkok and the main Suvernabumi airport. Less than two hours drive from the Airport or Bangkok.
  • During night it is good for walk and relaxation and during day time lots of water SPORTS ACTIVITIES AROUND - There are plenty of water sports going on and lots of people watching
    Things to do
  • Vendors and food massage are as always on beaches.
  • - Don’t go for any water sports on the beaches specially driven by self - there are no deckchairs for hire on every Wednesday
  • - Place was crowded, not the place to relax at all.
  • If you're looking to pick yourself up a Thai hooker, avoid Pattaya as the place is always crowded.
  • Come here in late afternoon and enjoy the beautiful sunset views
    What to see
  • It will be hot so don’t forget your sunscreen.
    What to wear
  • Don't get involved with jet skis you will be intimidated into paying for non-exsisting damage and asked to pay around 13000 baht £400.00 plus
    What to wear
  • - Watch out for the hustlers and thieves walking around Pattaya beach at night time
  • - one of the attractions of Pattaya is the Bar Street and Alcazar Cabaret.
    Things nearby
  • you should haggle when buying or hiring stuffs.
    Ticket and Pricing
  • - It does have lots of activities that may not be offered on other beaches, but they are overpriced for Thailand.
    Ticket and Pricing
  • Beach is clean and tidy, lot of street food and kiosks, a nice promenade by the beach with coconut trees, lot of taxis and shops at disposal.


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Absolutely the heaven on the earth

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Beach is clean and tidy, lot of street food and kiosks, a nice promenade by the beach with coconut trees, lot of taxis and shops at disposal. its nice for a morning to spend at the beach. Its gonna be hot so dont forget your sunscreen. ;)

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