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Shopping Jl. Thamrin, Medan, Indonesia Published on: 13-11-2015

07:00 AM - 06:00 PM
Food & Spirits
Local souvenir
1.00 USD

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Pasar Rame is famous as a center sweets in Medan. For dried fruit snacks with a sprinkling of sugar can be found in the Pasar Rame.

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Why Pasar Rame is special ?

Pasar Rame is famous as a center sweets in Medan. For dried fruit snacks with a sprinkling of sugar can be found in the Pasar Rame being open from morning until evening. Discover this place beside Plaza Thamrin.

As one culinary destination in the city of Medan, Pasar Rame also known as crowded markets, like a paradise for fans of sweets. This preserves centers already existed for more than three decades. Not surprisingly, the type of candied available in the market is also the most complete. Traders clashing candied quality sells.

The market is located at Jl Thamrin provides a variety of sweets. Ranging from candied bark, mango, kedondong, ciremai, citrus musk, dried mango nutmeg until dry. There are about 15 stalls selling various kinds of sweets lined up there.

Many visitors who hunt candied here because this is the market that provides the most complete candied in North Sumatra. But of the many types, candied guava most demanding


What to explore at Pasar Rame?

Visiting Pasar Rame, you can see the crowded market like its name. There are many different kinds of items you can buy such as: clothes, bags, vegetables, fish, candies and so on. At there, you can feel the bustle of life, hear the bargain between sellers buyers. The items are quite cheap, you can buy with reasonable price.

How to get to Pasar Rame?

From Station Medan, walk about 22 min towards Pasar Rame.

From Railway Station Medan, take taxi towards Pasar Rame, it takes 8 mins. This entire trip costs IDR 18000 ( $1.5)

Selling points

  • Great for souvenirs
  • Good place to shopping
  • Cheap price, good products
  • Market offering variety of items
  • Crazy, busy and happy
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Jl. Thamrin, Medan, Indonesia

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Tips for you

  • You should bring cashes in case this market doesn’t pay by Credit Card
    What to bring
  • You can bargain to have a reasonable price.
  • There are some café where you can rest and do some people watching.
  • You should get early in the morning to buy the fresh foods.
  • This market is very crowded so you should not exchange money in this area.
  • You should keep eyes on your children to avoid getting lost.
  • You should save your individual materials carefully.
  • This market is located near Jalan MH Thamrin.
  • Parking lot is near the market.


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one of the best market spot in medan, crowded indeed, but also heaven of "jajanan kaki lima" ala Medan, for those who like real medan food, this is one of the right place

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This Pasar Rame is one of the most crowded pasar in medan. U can buy a Manisan(candied fruit) and try their famous Mie Kangkung Belacan in here. If u want to buy clothes , u must bargain 20% - 40% from normal price. This pasar dont have air condition. And a lil bit smelly because in the morning they sell fish and meat.

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