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Shopping Jl. Malioboro, Yogyakarta, Indonesia Published on: 13-11-2015

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Pasar Beringharjo, 800m north of the kraton , is a lively, fascinating place. This is the main market in Yogyakarta.

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Why Pasar Beringharjo is special ?

Pasar Beringharjo is one of places that is so famous and often suggested as a must visit place to buy some souvenirs of Yogyakarta specialties. In the past, before being built a market, this place was a banyan woods (hutan beringin). Soon after the establishment of Ngayogyakarta Hadiningrat Sultanate in 1785 AD, people of Yogyakarta and its surroundings transformed this area into a location for economic transaction. After more than 167 years, this market finally had a permanent building that was constructed in 1925. The name of Beringharjo was given by Sultan Hamengku Buwono VIII. It has philosophical meaning in which Bering came from the origin of its place which was at first a banyan woods (in Indonesian means beringin), and Harjo contained of a hope that this place would bring prosperity to people (in Javanese means harjo).


What to explore at Pasar Beringharjo?

This market has two separated buildings, the west and east building. The east building consists of two floors and the west building consists of three floors. The main entrance of Beringharjo Market is on west side, straightly facing Malioboro Street. On the entrance, visitors can read the name of Beringharjo Market, ‘PASAR BERINGHARJO’, written in roman and Javanese letter. Beside the main entrance, there are other smaller doorways on the north, east, and south side, so you can enter Beringharjo from every side depends on your first place to come.

Everyday, Beringharjo Market is always crowd of visitors since Beringharjo Market has been a Yogyakarta’s icon for so long. Since Beringharjo is a big market, almost all necessities both primary and secondary can be found here, from Batik products, Indonesian traditional herbal medicine, antique stuffs to crafts, souvenirs, accessories, fruits, vegetables, electronics, and many more. It is an awesome experience of visiting Beringharjo Market while you are in Yogyakarta.


How to get to Pasar Beringharjo?

The location of Beringharjo market is accessible since it is located in the heart of Yogyakarta city. Tourists who come from the Adisucipto Airport can take Trans Jogja Bus line 3A or 3B, stop at the shelter in front of Yogykarta’s governor office. It costs you IDR 3,000. Continue your trip by taking a walk for about 100 meters away, following the road.

If you depart from Giwangan Bus Station, take the city bus line 2, 4, or 15 to Malioboro Street and stop right at the front of Beringharjo Market. There are also others traditional public transportation, such as pedicab, taxi, or horse cart that can take you to this market.


Selling points

  • Best Place to buy Batik
  • Good cheap batik shopping
  • Great Market of Yogyakarta
  • Large market with everything
  • A Yogyakarta Signature Traditional Market
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Jl. Malioboro, Yogyakarta, Indonesia

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Tips for you

  • You shouldn't buy cheap clothes that will fall apart after one wash and fake sun glasses that can hurt your eyes.
  • You should take an Indonesian friend with you or definitely study some Bahasa Indonesia so you know when you are getting ripped off.
    Things to do
  • The locals here are very friendly, don't hesitate to ask them anything. They're willing to help you without any tips.
    Things to do
  • If you are still around this market in the evening, there are many sellers who offer many kinds of food such as martabak, terang bulan, angkringan, gudeg and other kinds of culinary.
  • If you want to get special price you must bargain because the price here are flexible.
  • You should remember your budget because there're a lot of things you want to buy and you can spend your money here quickly.
  • If you are money collectors, you can come to this place where you can find ancient and old money from many countries.
  • You should avoid visit this market at weekend because it's gonna be more crowded than weekdays.
  • This maket is really hot so if you want to explore the whole market, you should wear your comfy clothes up to toe.


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Beringharjo has been functioning as a trading place since 1758.. Now, tourists define this place as an enjoyable shopping place.

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Batiknya okeh punyaa,

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t4 langganan batik :p

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You can bargain goods here, but don't too cheap! The seller will get angry XD

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Best market.. Very cheap and clean.. You can find everything here, such as batik, keripik paru, bakpia, etc..

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This place has a huge selection of batik for sure. Prices can be low but you must bargain (preferably while speaking Indonesian). The quality varies so you have to check carefully. Note that for large-sized Westerners, it might be problematic getting super large sizes. Even their so-called XL sizes are small by Western standards. Some of the sellers can also be persistent.

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This is one hell of a market , busy beyond belief with all the smells , sights and sounds of java . a must see when down town yogja .

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to get to Beringharjo you have to walk from tugu station down towards kraton Place. about a kilo meter on the left side of the road you will see the market. By the way It is a dry market. At the entrance to the market you will see alot of stalls selling fruits and even gudeg and drinks. on the ground floor you find alot of stalls selling clothings mostly it is batik. You need time and patience to walk the small coridors to window shop. you name it they almost have it. shirts, blouse, bags hats. You can get batik short pants for 1.50usd. Tee shirts you can get a cotton tee shirt for 3.5usd. On the ist floor you also find clothings but on the back you have a spice market. you can buy in grams. ginger, for liver even for enhancing the libido....whether it works i am not too sure. On the 3rd floor you have antique shops and you can find a range of old items. but make sure you bargin to get a good price. Prices are reasonablely cheap if you know how to haggle.the place has a/c but it can get hot when it is crowded. It opens at 9am and closes at 6pm. In the weekends it is really crowded. It is best to go on weekdays where the crowd is less and you can get a good bargain.

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I was taken here by a friend who knew his way around Yogya. He took me to this market to find batik stall called Soenardi. Let me make it clear that there are hundreds of batik stalls when you enter this market, but at Soenardi, the price cannot be beaten and they are quite reasonable. I ended up buying even though i did not plan on getting anything. I spent almost 30 minutes choosing only 2 batik from batik tulis to stamping batik because they have numerous beautiful designs. Remember your budget because you can spend your money here quick. after looking at batik, we saw old ladies carrying heavy loads walking around. Reminding how they work hard for their money. Outside of market we bought local snacks and i wish i could stay there a bit longer to explore. I absolutely love Pasar Beringharjo.

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Best market.. Very cheap and clean.. You can find everything here, such as batik, keripik paru, bakpia, etc..

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