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Parangtritis are beautiful beaches, rolling waves and strong winds hitting the body. Parangtritis Beach is very closely related to the legend of Ratu Kidul (Queen of South).

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Why Parangtritis Beach is special ?

Parangtritis Beach is a popular tourist beach and village area on the southern coast of Java in the Bantul Regency within the province of the Yogyakarta Special Region. What makes Parangtritis particularly special is that it is not only an enchanting holiday spot, it’s also a sacred place. The Beach is very closely related to the legend of Ratu Kidul (Queen of South). Many Javanese people believe that Parangtritis Beach is the gate of Ratu Kidul’s magical kingdom who controls the southern sea. The most popular beach in Yogyakarta provides a complete range of facilities such as lodging, mosque, public toilets, dining, beach monitoring team. Travelers also could try sport who spur the adrenalin such as rock climbing, paragliding and hang gliding at this beach.


What to explore at Parangtritis Beach?

Escape from the city for a while and take the short drive from Yogya to the mystical Parangtritis beach where dramatic jagged cliffs meet a glistening volcanic black sand beach. Located around 28 km (17 miles) from Yogya this is the ideal distance to come for a day trip to take a break out of the city and soak up the roar of the waves and the astounding atmosphere. Here you’ll see some incredibly green lush hills set against the backdrop of a raging ocean.

With raging surf and salty sea breezes it will be hard not to feel rejuvenated and refreshed as soon as you arrive here. At night, the star light on the silvery-black dunes give the beach a mystical feeling, and it won’t be hard to understand why there are many local myths about this area. This whole region is filled with beaches, caves, lakes, paths and gravesites, each with their own mystical story.


How to get to Parangtritis Beach?

Parangtritis Beach can be reached by using a motorcycle, car, taxi, or bus. You can aboard the bus from the Giwangan Bus Terminal, or Pojok Beteng Wetan (East Corner of Fortress) or ride along the bus route. To Parangtritis its costs 15 KRup (Kilo/thousand rupiah, US$ 1.2) per person. But if you come by becak (rickshaw) to the bus stop, the cost is 20 KRup per person.


Selling points

  • Amazing Sunset Beach
  • Excellent view for a sunset walk
  • Stunning Parangtritis Beach' view
  • Spirituality and tranquility
  • Amazing natural surroundings
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Parangtritis Beach Indonesia

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Tips for you

  • Visitors are not allowed to swim for the secure matter. The beach is just a place for strolling, relaxing and playing sports.
    Things to do
  • On the beach there is ATVs (All-terrain Vehicle) rental, the tariff is around Rp. 50.000 to 100.000 per half hour. Enter its gear and then release the clutch while pulling the gas. Brrooom, four-wheeled all-terrain motorcycle will be raced bringing you across the sand beach dune.
    Things to do
  • The roaring ocean currents here are very rough and strong so swimming is very dangerous and not recommended.
  • According to legend, the Javanese will advise you and even themselves not wear green, especially yellow-green around the beach as it’s believed that this attracts the Queen.
  • You should watch out the parking ticket, sometimes they ask for very high price, 30 or 40 thousand rupiah.
  • Nearby Parangtritis are the hot springs, Parangwedang where, for a small fee, you can take a 15 minute deep and enjoy the health benefits and rejuvenation that come.
    Things nearby
  • You can rest at one of the makeshift shelters which line the beach where, for a small charge, you can sit and enjoy some shade.
    Things nearby


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enjoying the sunset while having fun conquering sand dune with ATV (All-terrain Vehicle) or walking along the beach with a carriage in the romantic evening.

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parangtritis so awesome! enjoying the sunset while having fun conquering sand dune with ATV (All-terrain Vehicle) or walking along the beach with a carriage in the romantic evening.

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sungguh mengasik kan

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BPUN Jogja 2013

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Ngadem dulu....

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If you have 600,000rp to spare, stay at the best hotel in SE Asia, the Qeen of the South. Start theday with kelapa muda di pasir, walk along the beath and paddle in the warm sea. Take a mandi along the warung restoran di desa, swim in the pool, eat nasi ikan di Paris Cafe whilst watching the sunset over silhouettes of horses running along the beach.....

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This each is the nearest from the city of Yogyakarta, but sure not the best.have wide beach with a black sand, complete with the fiercing wave, make this beach a little bit of scary. According to the SAR, it's a little bit of dangerous to swim on this beach cause of it strong rip if you're on familly vacation, please watch over your member of party

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Parang Tritis is located in Jogya Provence, is about 1 hr flight from Jakarta. Parang Tritis is a huge beach in south of Jogya, which have very wide sand area. This beach still use for cultural ceremony occasioan by locals. The waves most of the time are big and some times dangerous where people are not allow to swim far from the beach. Of course, the weather are very hot in the mid day. In my view after many times visiting this beach, the best time to come is when the sun start going down. Arrived around 4 PM where the weather not too hot is a suggestion. You can just walk along the beach, take some pictures or get wet for a while. Be careful with the wave's character because some time is big and so dangerous where it could take you very fast to the sea and never return you back. When the sun starting going down, its the perfect time to be there ..enjoying the sunset and the time after taht ..Very beautifull and extraordinaire. Spending some time after the sun dissapear is reccomended to enjoy the tranquility and the great Indian ocean in the early red evening. You can rent a car from Jogya to visit this beach or could take a public bus from Jogya Bus Terminal, it will take around 1 hour to get there. You can find easily toilet to wash your wet body as well many small restaurant but not a luxury restaurant for having some snack or big lunch (note : many small reaturant only have standard local food).

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excellent place to have a short break from Yogya. It is not Bali but despite beach development in other part of SE Asia, Parangtritis remains what it is and remained a truly Javanese beach with its spiritual feel . The horse riding is very good and food remains very cheap

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enjoying the sunset while having fun conquering sand dune with ATV (All-terrain Vehicle) or walking along the beach with a carriage in the romantic evening

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