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Activity No. 991. Tower Siam Paragon. | 5th Floor, Rama 1 Rd., Bangkok 10330, Thailand Published on: 17-06-2016

11:30 AM - 10:00 PM
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6.00 USD

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Paragon Cineplex is a high-end cinema in Bangkok, which is set in a large area and up-to-date decoration.

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Why Paragon Cineplex is special ?

The Paragon Cineplex is on the fifth floor of the Siam Paragon mall and features a cinema complex with a variety of screens from "normal screens" through to IMAX.

The forecourt outside the screens had various ticket purchase methods from kiosks to machines, and some of the screen have their own dedicated kiosks.

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What to explore at Paragon Cineplex?

Super clean and modern designs makes this a world class venue. Different screens are available for everyone to choose from:

4D movies – Watch a movie with 3D glasses, motion seats, water spraying, wind blowing, modified lighting and a variety of scents, all adapted to the action within the film.

IMAX Theater – Enjoy the latest blockbusters in 3D on a massive screen.

Siam Pavalai – a gigantic theater

Enigma – Sit in comfy lounges, similar to a home theater.


How to get to Paragon Cineplex?

SkyTrain to Siam Station(CEN : Interchange Station for both lines) and then take exit 5 for direct link to Siam Ocean World or Paragon Complex.

Selling points

  • Good place to watch a movie
  • Best high-end cinema in Bangkok
  • Nice, clean and good
  • Asia's Best
  • Good food court and nice shopping
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No. 991. Tower Siam Paragon. | 5th Floor, Rama 1 Rd., Bangkok 10330, Thailand

Meeting point

Agency Office

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Tips for you

  • Food court here is huge local food and western macas Burger King kfc subway awesme 4d cinema upstairs and SeaWorld down in the basement
  • Thai movies are Thai spoken only, while international movies are available either dubbed or original language with Thai subtitles.
  • Promotions – Ask staff for any special packages that include popcorn and drinks.
  • Dont panic when suddenly all the people including yourself need to stand and listen to the video about the King of Thai.
  • The trailers and commercials go on forever so a movie listed as 1pm may not actually start until 1:30! But for some reason they start very promptly for the IMAX screenings!
  • The good thing is that this complex is attacted to a shopping centre , so there is a lot to do , if you are waiting for a show.
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nokia ultra screen.. perfect seats..

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มาดูstep upกัน

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โรง 1-3 Nokia Ultra Screen ที่นั่งละ 700 บาท , โรง 4 Siam Pavalai ราคา 140 ขึ้นไป , โรง 5-6 โรง VIP ที่นั่งละ 160 บาท โซฟา 700 บาทมีผ้าห่ม , โรง 7-14 แบบธรรมดา 140-160 บาท , โรง Enigma เฉพาะ Member ^^

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Chair is so comfy.

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Welcome to Paragon Cineplex the refined vision of entertainment civilization.

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Nice and modern cinema. Every1 Should try 3D / 4D movie if possible. But not many choice for 4D movie

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Great choice. Helpful staff. Great location.Reasonably priced.ultra modern.Easy access In a good location within Siam shopping centre

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Im a big cinephile, and so i love good cineplexes. And this one is pretty grand. Go check it out if you have the time.

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Nice and modern cinema. Every1 Should try 3D / 4D movie if possible. But not many choice for 4D movie

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Happy Halloween on 31/10/2010. Come here to

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