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Shopping Petchaburi Road, opposite Pratunam's City Complex , Bangkok, Thailand Published on: 17-06-2016

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Pantip Plaza is the mother of all IT shops in Thailand and has gained legendary status as the place to find new and used computers and accessories at rock-bottom prices.

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Why Pantip Plaza IT Mall is special ?

Pantip Plaza is the mother of all IT shops in Thailand and has gained legendary status as the place to find new and used computers and accessories at rock-bottom prices. Occupying a rather featureless building on Petchaburi Road, Pantip Plaza has also gained notoriety because of the widespread practice of selling counterfeit software, DVDs… and more sordid material. The mall itself has certainly seen better days, but like an old auntie that always has lots of candy when you go to visit, Pantip Plaza is still pulling in the punters thanks to unbeatable bargains and cheap technical specialists for things like repairs and upgrades.

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Petchaburi Road, opposite Pratunam's City Complex , Bangkok, Thailand

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This place is huge and has pretty much anything IT related. It does have a lot of the same stuff throughout but it may vary in quality. For example we went for some Beats By Dre headphones. There were some really badly made knock-off's but they also have some very good ones. The one's we bought are so well done you can't even tell they are fake. Right down to the packaging. The sound is actually comparable to the real thing! Don't be afraid to try things before you buy them to make sure they work. I liked all the different accessories and they were cheap but I found that the prices for laptops and the latest phones weren't much cheaper than in New Zealand. You have to spend some time to make sure you are buying good quality products but it's great when you find it.

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Bangkok's malls are more than shopping. They're major social and cultural centres of the city. In the more typical malls (like Emporium or Paragon) people go to spend money, or gawk at stuff (and at other people gawking at stuff), to eat, catch a movie, and more.At Pantip Plaza, you can buy a new or used computer, phone, or camera, accessorize them, etc. You can also eat (at S&P Bakery, A&W burgers, and at the Pantip Food Court). People complain about fakes, but most high-tech stuff at Pantip is legit.But, come on a weekend, and you are likely to experience some form of commercial promotion taking place in the public space in the centre of the ground floor, inside the entrance to the Plaza. Like with a car show, there may be models, cheerleaders, drawings for freebies, etc. Some suburban malls (more than downtown ones) have such promo events. But Pantip's energy is a sight to behold.There are other malls. For high-tech Fortune Town is less manic and easier to reach (at Phra Ram 9 metro underground station). For phones MBK may be better and some other places as good. Pantip Plaza has tried to replicate itself in other cities like Chiang Mai. Other cities have their ICT mall(s). But there is only one Pantip Plaza, Bangkok.

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Everything you need for camera, computer, and mobile. This is your one stop shop for electronics in Bangkok.The Plaza has some fast food international chains on the ground floor and a Thai style food court inside on the third or fourth floor.The plaza seems to be divided into sections by type of items. All of the prices are negotiable. Everyone speaks English. Depedning on what is available in your home country this may be a good opportunity to stock up for your friends.There is a wide selecting of copied software, Xbox, and Mac products.The prices can be good but make sure you know what the price is before you go in and make sure the model matches exactly.

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It has variety for electrical and electronic goods. There are certain big stores here where prices are mostly fixed. I bought gobank for 599 baht for 5600mhrs. I guess got good deal on it.

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