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Pantai Sundak does not only have enchanting natural view but it also keeps story. The name Sundak turns to experience evolution of which evidences can be traced geologically.

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Why Pantai Sundak is special ?

Pantai Sundak or Sundak Beach does not only have enchanting natural view but it also keeps story. The name Sundak turns to experience evolution of which evidences can be traced geologically. Before 1930 the above area was still under sea water. The story tells that sea water reached the area where the mosque stands now and the cave was submerged in sea water. In line with geological process in the south sea, the sea water level decreased and sea water stood out more to the sea. The coral reef and the area around the mosque became new land that later coastal people used it for economy activities until today.


What to explore at Pantai Sundak?

Sundak Beach offers a good place to enjoy the sunset and sunrise with the beautiful scenery of the harmony of its surroundings. With the scattering white sand and the clean seawater, you can walk along the seashore enjoying the beautiful and peaceful atmosphere of the beach. Seeing the wave rolling to the seashore, waiting on the shoreline for the wave wetting your foot, is a little enjoyment of refreshing your mind and soul. Unifying with the nature is one good relaxation from your busy schedule of your daily activities.

Sitting under the leafy plantations which grow around the beach is one way to enjoy the beautiful scenery while feel the breezy wind touching your skin. The coral reefs stoutly stand as if guarding the beach. Limestone hills background the beach that makes a scenic scene of a natural beauty.

When you have not been satisfied yet enjoying the beach, you can stay over the night setting up a tent on the seashore, or staying on the stalls around the beach which are usually close at night. You can experience the feeling of adventure here.


How to get to Pantai Sundak?

The journey to Sundak Beach from Yogyakarta is usually about an hour. You can take bus from Giwangan bus station to Wonosari Bus Station, it costs about IDR 4000. Then you can continue by taking minibus that can take you to Tepus where Sundak Beach is located (IDR 2500). The trip will be easier if you take cars or motorcycles.


Selling points

  • A lovely beach in the south of Yogya
  • Another beautiful sandy beach among other
  • Clean sandy beach, lovely place to unwind
  • White sand beach, perfect place for camping
  • Great beach, clean and very peaceful
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Tips for you

  • You can also rent umbrella and mattress from the local. There is food and drink being sold, and of course, souvenirs, so you don't need to prepare too much when going to the beach.
    Things to do
  • If you professional surfer, you should try the waves there. But be careful southeast beach has reefs and strong current.
    Things to do
  • There're several fishing boats are "parked" at the beach. If you want, they can take you out to the sea and fishing like a local.
    Things to do
  • The signs for dangerous areas are not clear and invisible, some places don't have the sign, so for safety you shouldn't swim here.
  • In case you haven’t satisfied visiting only one beach, you can continue your trip to other nearest beaches, such as, Baron, Krakal, Kukup, Drini, and Sepanjang Beach.
    Things nearby
  • There is a cliff on the left coast that you can climb, of course, subject to an additional fee of IDR 2000 per person.
    Ticket and Pricing
  • When getting to the place, there is a parking lot if you bring your own vehicles, which costs IDR 1,000.


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on the beach

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berangkatlah pagi hari agar bisa menikmati pantai yang memiliki pasir putih dengan deburan ombak yang belum terlalu besar.

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view yang sangat natural...

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what a beautiful beach :DD

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Klo dtg hari kerja, pantainya bener2 sepi. Serasa milik pribadi..

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This place is dirty and litter-strewn, coaches of tourists make this place somewhere to avoid. don't go there in the week;)

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i visited this beach with my six years old daughter who loves beach and her 18 years old brother who likes taking photos. the beach is great for both interests. the beach is clean, the people and environment is friendly. the only improvement would be the signage to the location, bath/restroom that needs upgrading (clean and tidy but not to the standard of my kids), also signs for dangerous areas are not clear/visible some simply dont exist.

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the beach is nice with white sand and turquoise blue water but the wave is too strong and we can not swimming due to wild current and rocky beach but still nice place to be if you love beach. and so many beach nearby but mostly we can not swim there.

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You have to take private car or rent motor to reach this place, cause you need around 2hour to go there, better also not go in weekend, cause will be lots of of people visit, my advice please take care the nature, take care the environment !

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Amazing beach :)

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