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Pambato Reef, a nice site for snorkeling in Honda Bay, is a floating platform in the middle of the ocean serves as the gateway to a wonderful underwater paradise.

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Why Pambato Reef is special ?

Pambato Reef, a nice site for snorkeling awaits you in Honda Bay, is a floating platform in the middle of the ocean serves as the gateway to a wonderful underwater paradise.

Pambato Reef is what they call the mini-Tubbataha. There is no island here, only the floating cottage. The main attraction is the reef. The roof of the floating platform is a giant sea turtle or a pawikan. Pambato is a marine sanctuary that's home to a lot of different fishes and clams. The word Pambato is a Filipino term for "bet" or "contender". The place was named as such because it is Puerto Princesa's bet/contender when it comes to the most beautiful reefs in Palawan.


What to explore at Pambato Reef?

Pambato Reef is purely a snorkeling and fish feeding area. It’s a couple of floating platforms connected by bamboo bridges. One platform is for fish feeding and has a small store and the other one is a staging area for those wishing to do some snorkeling. This reef is located in the middle of the bay where the shallow sections are about 10 feet from the coral reefs. Schools of different species of fish swim and live around the living coral of the reef. Different coral types also grow on this part of the reef like brain corals, staghorn corals and others.


How to get to Pambato Reef?

To get to Honda Bay or Hunda, one will need to take a drive north of the city center to the Sta. Lourdes wharf. About 15 minutes boat ride from the Sta. Lourdes wharf, this marine sanctuary may be reached.


Selling points

  • Spectacular underwater view
  • Well preserved coral reefs
  • Lots of corals and fishes are there
  • An amazing snorkeling site in Honda Bay
  • Stunning view under the water
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Tips for you

  • If you forgot to bring snorkles/goggles, they do have some for rent here, it costs PhP50.
  • There is this orange colored floaters with ropes in it marking the perimeter. You're not allowed to go outside it because that part of the sea a protected area.
    What to know
  • There are two Life Guards in the area. They also serve as announcers if you want to call your companions who are still in the water.
    What to know
  • Snorkeling here is more restricted compared to the others. Life jackets will be required especially for visitor that are not good swimmers.
  • You're not allowed to give any kind of food to the fishes.
  • You're not allowed to wear your slippers while snorkeling. You can leave your slippers on the platform before going into the water.
  • If you are scared to explore the reef alone, then your boatmen will also be your very own guide in exploring the reef.
  • You are also given the opportunity to dive down and touch the coral species and take pictures with the abundant fishes in the reef.
    Things to do
  • Before going down into the water, you will have a short briefing regarding the safety measures that you should consider while snorkeling.
    Things to do


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Amazing how i get a closer and clearer look of wonderful things under the water. Don't forget your goggles. This place is so "Awesome" well preserved coral reefs.

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