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Attraction Otres Beach, Cambodia Published on: 13-11-2015

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Otress beach is an amazing 4km long stretch of clean and white sands. It is a great place for lazy sunbathing, partying and other activities.

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Why Otres Beach is special ?

- Otres beach streches a three kilometer crescent of near white sand facing the southwest.  - It’s a beautiful, clean, quiet and more relaxed than anywhere in Sihanoukville.

- There many bungalows and small guesthouses on the beach, most sitting right on the sand just a few meters from the water.

- There are no hotels, spas or large restaurants on Otres, just a string of beach-shack bars, restaurants and bungalows stretching along the sand serving seafoods, each place has its own unique flavor



What to explore at Otres Beach?

At the northern end of the Otres beach also has an expanding range of activities on offer:

Hurricane Windsurfing , which rents out paddle boards (per hour US$8), 

Windsurfers (basic/high-performance boards per hour US$10/20), 

Sea kayaks (single/tandem per hour US$4/6) 

Skim boards (try bungee skim boarding). 

About 700m south, near the main cluster of guesthouses:

Blue Lagoon Kitesurf Centre.

Daily boat tours to four islands (per person US$15 including breakfast, lunch, snorkelling and a drink or two).

Way down to Otres Nautica:

French-run outfit that rents tandem sea kayaks (per hour US$4)

Hobie Cat sailing catamarans (per hour US$10) that you can take out to nearby islands. 

A boat for snorkelling or island-hopping excursions.

At the northern ‘near end’ (Otres 1) is dozens of beachshack bars and restaurants squeeze together along a kilometer of sand. 

Plenty of different sorts of places to choose from, some staying open quite late, offering events, music and such. 

There are also a dozen-plus guesthouses and bungalows lining the beachfront road 20 meters from the water.




How to get to Otres Beach?

1) The road from Ochheuteal over the hill through Queen Hill Resort allows easy motorcycle access but is blocked to cars and tuk-tuks. 
2) By car or tuk-tuk from Ochheuteal: follow Polaway Street (1 Kanda Street) to the end of the pavement and turn left, cross the bridge and proceed about 500m to the next right turn. Turn and follow the road about 2.3km to the beach. Rough road. 
3) Omui Street from downtown is paved and in good condition. Follow to the Otres turnoff and turn left. 
4) If going it alone, follow the road southeast along the beach and skirt the hill by headling inland on the inviting tarmac. From the city centre, you can take Omui St from Psar Leu east out of town for 5km
5) Otres Beach is about 5km south of the Serendipity area. It’s a US$2/5 moto /remork ride to get here (more at night). 


Selling points

  • - Great beach, and fresh air
  • - Chilled and in the nature
  • - Best beach in Sihanoukville
  • - Little paradise
  • - Lovely beach and great sunset
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Otres Beach, Cambodia

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Tips for you

  • Rent a kayak and row it to one of the mini islands that are close to the beach, or up the small river that reaches a small temple.
  • You can rent a bicycle to ride in or even kayak along the river between the estuary and beaches.
  • Otres Beach is great place for lazy sunbathing, partying, catamarans, windsurfing, kayaks, various boat trips, buggy cars, bicycles and jet skis…
    Things to do
  • Famous places/activities in the beach: Otres Corner, Everythang, Mien Mien, Otres Market, Windsurfing school, Richies.
    Things to do
  • Try the taco or burrito and make sure to catch a sunset on the tree house.
    Things to do
  • Otres Beach sometimes gets surf from May to October; you can rent surfboards and bodyboards here too.
    Things to do
  • The food is a bit more expensive.
  • Otres is less crowded and definitely more relaxed than other beaches in Sihanoukville
  • Caught the eye of Forbes this year, Otres beach is listed amongst the Top 22 Beaches in Asia.
  • Be aware there are two part. Otres 1 is a long road (unpaved) of bars, restaurants and guesthouses, laid back and chilled. Otres 2 with a couple of places but still nice for chilling and relaxing.
  • Be aware of the darkness, not everyone is a nice guy.
  • About a half-kilometer behind Otres Beach is Otres River Village
    Things nearby
  • Otres Market(live music, shopping, cold drinks, hot food and good vibes) to get between the village and Otres Beach.
    Things nearby
  • Tourists will find accommodation in rooms or bungalows (prices ranging from US$10 - 50 p/night).
    Ticket and Pricing


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Best beach in Sihanoukville! Don't miss it! Stay here instead of Serendipity and the other beaches!

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.great escape from the noise in Occheuteal Beach. :) Most of the people who stay here are locals Khmer.

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Have a cocktail on the beach at Mien Mien or Sunshine Cafe! They both have happy hours and great prices for rooms! Tell them, Dan Mack, said hello!!!

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Best beach in Sihanoukville Don't miss it! Stay here instead of Serendipity and the otherbeaches!...

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This place is absolutely gorgeous! We hadn't even planned to visit Sihanoukville during our backpacking trip around SE Asia but we made friends with another couple that were headed that way so we thought we would go too and it did not disappoint. Otres beach is a really untouched beautiful place in that part of the world and there are not many places left like it where tourism hasn't taken over completely. The people there were so friendly and it wasn't all about hassling tourists and on top of you always to buy something or come to this restaurant or that place, it was much more chilled out and relaxing and just very enjoyable. The locals are very friendly and just seem to want to make your stay as easy as possible. There is some lovely accommodation across the road 9which is just a red dirt track!) from the bamboo shack which I can't remember the name of but they were little bamboo bungalows that cost about $10 per night and they were just beautiful! A great experience for the backpacker who would like to experience a quiet, peaceful few days in this area

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