Osaka Korean Town

Attraction 1-chome Tsuruhashi, Ikunoku, Osaka, Osaka Prefecture 544-0031, Japan Published on: 28-07-2016

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Osaka Korean Town is located under the train tracks, and consisting of a maze of mysterious tunnels and narrow alleyways, Osaka Korean Town is the cultural experience that you wouldn't expect to have in Japan.

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Why Osaka Korean Town is special ?

A three hundred-meter-long shopping street situated between JR Tsuruhashi and Momodani stations, with about 150 Korean food stores (selling Korean pickles, Korean-style pancakes etc.), Korean restaurants and ethnic clothing stores. Many of those stores and restaurants are run by Korean residents of Japan and therefore the street is filled with Korean-language signs. The area around the street is said to be the largest “Korea town” in Japan. In recent years residents in the area have founded an NGO to give hands-on classes on how to make Korean pickles and to provide introductory Korean classes to junior high school and high school students visiting the town on school excursions, in addition to guiding them around the street. Incidentally, it is said that “Miyuki-dori” is named after “Miyuki-no-mori Shrine,” which was established around the 5th century on the site where the Emperor Nintoku took a rest when he visited the area to inspect people who had come from Paekche to live there (in the woods formerly located at the west end of where the street now stands).

How to get to Osaka Korean Town?

Tsuruhashi Station is a network of three separate stations, served by three rail operators: the JR Osaka Loop Line, the Sennichimae subway line and Kintetsu Railway's Osaka and Nara Lines.

Tsuruhashi Koreatown and Hiro's Guest House are about 10 minutes' walk from Tsuruhashi Station. Turn right after leaving the main exit of JR Tsuruhashi Station and right again at the first major intersection.

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1-chome Tsuruhashi, Ikunoku, Osaka, Osaka Prefecture 544-0031, Japan

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Korean Town is part of Tsuruhashi-Ichiba. There are Korean grocery stores, ethnic garments, and boutiques. There are many varieties of kimchi and pancakes being sold there.After having Japanese food for the past 4 days, it was a good change to try some korean food. We enjoyed the korean pancakes, pig trotters, kimchi and spicy ramen.We enjoyed looking at the wide varieties of live seafood available at the market.We felt that this is place where the locals do their marketing as we did not see many tourist compared to Kuromon.

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A bit hard to find. We took the train, exited at what we thought was the right stop according to the guidebooks. We then walked and walked and walked some more. No Koreatown. We asked. Nobody speaks English and when you say "Korea" which everybody recognizes still everyone shook their head. Finally we found a taxi and asked him. "Korea?", "Hai" We drove around a bit and finally - Koreatown.Koreatown lines a llong street with multiple shops. We decided to have lunch and entered an establishment. I am very familiar with Korean food. The menus all have pictures but unfortunately they we out of a lot of items. We finally settled for bulgogi and grilled spicy pork which were excellent.Returning to the train station was only a few blocks but it was not the station we arrived at. If you go there, make sure you get a map and specific directions.

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we visit around 5pm mostly close, and we just visit one of the restaurant, cook our own BBQ korean charcoal style, very nice and cheap.

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A real surprise, a covered maze of Japanese and Korean food and products right above several train and subway lines. Well worth the short trip from the major hotels.

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