Old Catholic Church

Attraction Kampong Bay , Kampot, Cambodia Published on: 13-11-2015

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The Old Catholic Church is the oldest church in Kampot, Cambodia. Coming here, you will visit mystic and ancient beauty. Besides, you also see other sights at the top of the church with a cool weather.

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Why Old Catholic Church is special ?

The Old Catholic Church was built by the French in the early 1920s as part of the French township on Bokor Mountain. This oldest church is well-known for its historical background when the French settle their power in Cambodia.  The outlook still remains original bricks & colors unlike the casino hotel which already re-constructed and lost the original look. 

What to explore at Old Catholic Church?

You will see old architecture inside the church, admire patterns and paintings. Especially, you also can see beautiful sight at the top of the church and see the dawn at the early morning. You can still see bits of stained glass that are hanging from the window.

Selling points

  • Scenic location
  • Nice location and view
  • Cool historic time piece
  • Beautiful & Mystic church
2 days in Kampot for family with kids

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Kampong Bay , Kampot, Cambodia

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Tips for you

  • You should hire a motorbike to visit so you can stop wherever you want and take in the spectacular scenery
  • The best time to visit here is the early morning or the late afternoon because you can admire mystery beauty of this church.
  • Avoid to visit on weekends because of the crowd
  • The weather is quite cold so do not forget bring your jacket.
  • Be careful when moving because there are many clouds covering the church.


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Church is quite small but worthy to take a look. Outlook still remains original bricks & colors unlike the casino hotel which already re-constructed and lost the original look. There's a reservoir in front of church (across the road) . Then must go behind up the church can see a great view when standing a high point of this mountain:) Enjoy the view and the breeze!!

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