Odaiba Seaside Park

Attraction 1 Chome-4-1 Daiba, Minato-ku, Tōkyō-to 135-0091, Japan Published on: 10-04-2016

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The Odaiba Marine Park has sand and rocks surrounding a quiet cove that spreads out beside Daiba Park (Battery #3).

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Why Odaiba Seaside Park is special ?

Odaiba Marine Park has sand and rocks surrounding a quiet cove that spreads out beside Daiba Park (Battery #3). Odaiba is one of Japan’s lading tourist spots sporting a fusion of natural water and greenery with futuristic scenery such as Rainbow Bridge, the Fuji Television Building and urban resort hotels. This is the heart of the continuously evolving coastal sub center of Tokyo. You can spend a fun time regardless of the season at Odaiba Marine Park, which is also famed as a standard stop for students on school trips and travelers from within Japan and abroad. Many have been spiritually soothed by the truly magnificent and beautiful sunset and night view seen from Odaiba Marine Park. You can enjoy the view as you stroll along the beach or grassy lawns, or from the observation deck or the Skywalk.

Source: http://www.tptc.co.jp

What to explore at Odaiba Seaside Park?

From the seaside park you can enjoy an amazing view of Tokyo. You can walk in park, stroll on the beach or take a ride in the boats giving tours of the harbour.

You can see the beautiful scenery Rainbow Bridge and view partly of Tokyo from this rocky sand beach.

If you visit early evening with kids you may find magician or jugglers presenting their art on decks.

There are benches if you want to watch the sunset or running paths if you need a bit of exercise. If you need a break from all the shopping on Odaiba, this is the place to pause.

How to get to Odaiba Seaside Park?

By train:1. 3 minutes by foot from New Transit Yurikamome Odaiba-kaihinkoen or Daiba. 2. 7 minutes by foot from Tokyo Waterfront Area Rapid transit Rinkai Line Tokyo Teleport. 3. Tokyo Cruise Ship Odaiba-kaihinkoen. (Approximately 20 minutes from Hinode pier, which is 8 minutes by foot from JR Hamamatsucho Station)

By bus:Take a Tobus Niji01 from JR Hamamatsucho-eki (Hamamatsucho bus terminal) and get off at the bus stop Odaiba-kaihinkoen-eki or Daiba-eki. 5 minutes by foot from the stop.

Source: https://www.gotokyo.org

Selling points

  • Great place to spend romantic evening
  • Great place for a stroll
  • Great place to see the bay and shop
  • Nice place to spend the day with the family
  • Amazing night view of Tokyo
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1 Chome-4-1 Daiba, Minato-ku, Tōkyō-to 135-0091, Japan

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Tips for you

  • Observation Deck: You can climb up to enjoy a big panoramic view of Tokyo including Rainbow Bridge, Tokyo Tower and the city’s skyscrapers.
    Things to do
  • There are many shop and store to shopping and each store is clean and sells a lot of item so you can enjoy eating and playing and shopping with your friend and family.
    Things to do
  • You can bring some food and drink to have a picnic with your family.
  • You should bring your camera to caught the fascinating sightseeing of this nice park.
  • Just like another places, you should keep your rubbish on your hand to hold clean of this place.
  • You should bring umbrella or raincoat, weather is unpredictable.
  • Because the place near the sea so there are cold in the night, you should wear or take one more jacket and clothes to there.
    What to wear
  • You should keep eyes on your children to avoid them playing near the beach.
  • Park Central Parking 101 spaces, North Gate Parking 244 spaces (Open 24 hours, JPY 600 or 2 hours, another JPY 150 every 30 minutes thereafter).
  • Parking is free for those with a Physical Disability Certificate. Bring some form of identification (no copies) on the day you visit the park to verify that you are the holder of the certificate.
  • Marine Lantern Festival is held on every July on Marine Day and is a summer tradition in Odaiba. Candles are lit in the paper lanterns that color the night view of the Port of Tokyo as their light interweaves in a picturesque design.


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Very nice views, make sure to go out to the end of the peninsula

You can enjoy very beautiful night view around Odaiba from this park. The Rainbow Bridge and the spectator and tall buildings are shining and romantic. I went there with my friends and boyfriend. You can enjoy for fun with your friends and also for romance with your lover. This park is a little bit far from the nearest train station and some people might feel inconvenient. But you can see the awesome views while walking, so you would be able to enjoy walking so do not worry about the long walk. I am pretty sure that you would like it. When I went there with my friends, we walked across the beach and tied to find a place where we can enjoy fireworks. Unfortunately there are no such places. There are some patrols in this park and they watch people not to do bad things. Thanks to them, this park is clean and quiet so everybody can enjoy. We just were one step over from off limits and quietly looked at the sea, but as soon as the patrols noticed us, they would never miss, they kindly came to us and said, please come here, this is not allowed people to come in. We said sorry to them and went back to the park. And after that, we had dinner at the reasonable restaurant. You might think all of the restaurants in Odaiba are expensive, but we could find chap one. You can eat enough food for about 1000 yen. Next, I would like to talk about when I came with my boyfriend. For a date, we would like to go to some romantic places. So we came to this park and sat on a bench for a while seeing the night view, and after that we went to the restaurant which we can eat behind the ocean. It was a fine summer day, so it was comfortable and the dinner was super delicious. Odaiba is one of the most popular date stops in Japan. I would recommend you to come this part before the dinner. This park is not crowded so you can have your private and be relaxed. There are some benches on the way, so you can choose one of them.

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You have to take the mono-rail from Shimbashi Station in order to get to Odaiba Island. The ride alone is well worth it! It takes you through the lower part of the city, passing by sky-scrapers and giving you a feeling that you are living in a science-fiction movie. And then the view of the Rainbow Bridge....stunning across the water. Odaiba Island is, at least what we saw, a gigantic shopping area. Aqua-City, a pinkish building, was filled with shops and the two top floors with restaurants of all kinds. We wanted to sit on a terrace with a perfect view over the city and the Rainbow Bridge which we found in an Italian Restaurant on the top floor. I cannot tell you the name as the bill is in Japanese....We ordered 2 pizza's (who would ever have thought to eat a pizza in Japan), 1 Marguerita and the other one with four different cheeses. Both were made on paper thin dough which made the pizza delicious and very light. Together with a nice bottle of Italian wine made our afternoon. We then were ready to do some "window-shopping" and found the most astonishing "clothes" for dogs including a wedding dress and wedding suit. We spoke to a couple who had 2 poodles in a carriage (it looked nearly identical to a baby pram). They explained to us how important it was to have a stroller that allows you to take the top off so the dogs do not have to walk in the apartment-building.....Hygiene is taken very seriously here! A smaller version of the Statue of Liberty stands on the island welcoming people from the boats passing by. We had a fun and very relaxing afternoon with gorgeous views of the city, the ocean and Rainbow Bridge. A wonderful break from the city.

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