Ochheuteal Beach

Attraction Ochheuteal Beach, Krong Preah Sihanouk, Preah Sihanouk, Cambodia Published on: 13-11-2015

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Ochheuteal Beach is by far the most popular, crowed and touristed beach in town. It is a full service beach to meet Everything you need.

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Why Ochheuteal Beach is special ?

Ochheuteal beach is Sihanoukville's most busy beachstretch with lots of shacks (restaurants & bars ) right on the beach and a bunch of hotel & restaurants right on the 3 parallel roads behind it. At Ochheuteal's extreme northern end, Serendipity Beach' is the only beach in Sihanouk-ville to offer bungalows and guesthouse rooms right on the sand. 

The beach now also offers several mid-range and budget places including Coasters' well-known bungalows, budget rooms, and mid-range rooms. There are also places popping up on the hill just above the Serendipity such as Diamond Guesthouse, Sanctuary Bar and Guesthouse. 

What to explore at Ochheuteal Beach?

- Ochheuteal is a beautiful long sandy beaches offering variety of different activities to meet demands. There are  internet shops, and travel agencies, a movie theater, karaoke, volleyball, jet skis, banana boat, discos, full moon parties, Booze Cruises, and a casino or many boat tours start from Ocheteaul Beach.

- The beach places typically offer umbrellas and beach chairs, have full bars, cold drinks and most have food, especially seafood BBQ. 

- On the beach, shack-style seafood restaurants and bars line more than a kilometer of the sand's edge.

- Just off the beach, in the early evenings the BBQ restaurants on the beach roads, especially along 23 Tola Street, fire up their grills and offer classic fresh seafood BBQ dinners at very reasonable prices. 

- For nightlife on Ochheuteal, many of the beach bars are open into the late night and a few throw regular beach parties. 

- The Ochheuteal area has a good selection of accommodations ranging from mid-range to budget with most on the roads paralleling the beach and the road to Serendipity.




How to get to Ochheuteal Beach?

From town, go towards the Golden Lion circle.  Go to the second or third or fourth street around the circle and another 600 yards, you're there.  It's about 5 minutes from downtown, and you can get a motorcycle taxi for a dollar during the day, or half that much if you can bargain. (locals pay about 40 cents).  Tuk Tuks are around double the price.

South Ocheteaul is about a 10 minute walk to the left (facing the ocean).  Or you can get a car, motorycle or Tuk Tuk behind the "Golf Course" for a 5 minute ride. The Beach ends at a river, and just over the river is a small hill.  There are a few hotels / guesthouses here, and beach bar restaurants.  Very quiet and beautiful.  You can walk (but not ride) over the hill to "Near O" Otres Beach.


Motorcycle Taxi: (motodup, moto) drivers expect foreigners to pay 1000-2000R in town. Locals pay less but getting the local price is nearly impossible. Prices go up for multiple passengers and at night. Settle on a price and destination before taking the ride and insist on being taken directly to your requested destination.

Motorcycle Rental: At the moment there is a ban on tourists driving motorcycles and cars in Sihanoukville. It is not clear whether the ban is permanent or will be lifted at some point in the future. Prior to the ban, most of the tourist-oriented businesses in town rented motorcycles, including most guesthouses and hotels, the bus companies, travel/tour companies and even restaurants. 100cc bikes were between $3-$5/day. Fewer places rented 250cc bikes but they were still readily available at about $7-$8/day. 100cc is more than sufficient for travel in town and to the beaches. Most places required a passport as security. Always lock your motorcycle or leave it in guarded parking. Motorcycle theft is not uncommon.

Car Rental: Car rental (with diver) can be arranged through your hotel or travel agent. Taxis at the downtown bus and taxi station are also available for private hire. Cars cost around $20/day with driver. They can also be hired for short jaunts in town ($4-$6) and specific trips such as sunset mountain ($10) the waterfalls ($15) or Ream ($17).




Selling points

  • Great Place For Cheap Eats and Drinks
  • Best at sunset time
  • Be alive with fireworks and music each night
  • Crowded, tacky, full of hawkers
  • Lots of action
3 days for backpackers in Sihanoukville

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Ochheuteal Beach, Krong Preah Sihanouk, Preah Sihanouk, Cambodia

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Tips for you

  • - Sihanoukville's party and nightlive is just a short 500m walk or tuk tuk ride up to the golden lion stretch. - Much of Occheuteal is dedicated to food stalls and small bamboo bars, but the southern stretch is largely deserted. - Many people actually know Ochheuteal beach as Serendipity, which actually refers to the western patch of sand.
  • - The seas can get rough here and drownings are not uncommon, so exercise care when swimming, the waves may not look big, but the currents are deceptive - Be careful, people! Remember, Cambodia is barely recovering from three decades of war, poverty is desperate and there's a pretty chronic drug scene among Sihanoukville local youth. - Rapes, stabbings and muggings have all been reported here, both at the rocky end near Serendipity, but also along the other end of the beach.
  • - Some of the biggest and best hotels are here, as well as $8 a night guesthouses. Also a few more guesthouses on South Ocheteaul Beach by the river. - Just off the beach, many bars on Serendipity Beach Road, at the Sihanoukville Square and at Pub Street are usually open late.
    Things nearby
  • - Further to the south, over the headland, you'll find the rather tempting Otres Beach
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Nice clean beach. A bit touristed, but really nice!

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Dirty. Dirty. Dirty. Not much more to say about this characterless, poor strip of sand. Lots of cheap shacks, and if you try you can find a nice one in which you can order one or two cheap cocktails and forget the rubbish around. But then you still have to leave the place sometime, and went back through the dirty sands. The beach is of a quite decent size and I can easily imagine it beautiful, so much shame to people who constantly add to its sad state. Wouldn't go back.

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This beach is the main beach area accessed via Serendipity Road. Sadly this is covered in Shanty Bars and Taxi Girls, young children trying to sell you bracelets and stuff. Drugs are rife here where most people are at the very least smoking pot if not more. The beach would be a beautiful place but due to the lack of education on where there waste water goes everything flows into the sea. So swimming here you need to shower after as you end up with a film of oil/grease all over you.

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Make no mistake, this is a gorgeous beach. Soft sand and warm water with lots of food and drink huts. But he garbage on the shore and in the water is a travesty. Plastic of all sorts, diapers, food packaging, shopping bags, cigarette butts, empty bottles . . the list is endless. And I only noticed a couple of garbage cans that were small and in or very near established businesses. For the most part rubbish bins did not exist. This beach is within walking distance from the town so is very popular but there are several oter beaches that put it to shame. Too bad, but I wouldn't recommend it for anyone. Try Otres or Serendipity.

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So my boyfriend and I went to Occheuteal Beach today, it was a pretty quiet part though, just after Serendipity Beach ends. It could be such a nice stretch of beach but the litter is a problem and the water isn't crystal clear, apart from that it's pretty nice! HOWEVER, theft is definitely a huge problem here which is a shame. Not to write an essay but a little Cambodian boy came over to us and said a few things and circled us then walked off (we didn't have anything on show to steal) and then walked past a guy about 10 metres from us and stole his iPhone. Fortunately, a few people chased him and managed to get the phone back but really be careful while on the beach. Try not to take anything valuable, especially if you're on your own!! Hide anything that is valuable and just keep your wits about you with the people that are around! It's a shame really.

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Nice clean beach. A bit touristed, but really nice!

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