Ocheteaul Beach

Attraction Ochheuteal Beach Krong Preah Sihanouk Cambodia Published on: 13-11-2015

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Ocheteaul Beach is a beautiful busy beach which full of bars, hotels, restaurants and activities available for everyone. The best seafood restaurants in town are here.

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Why Ocheteaul Beach is special ?

Ocheteaul Beach is a long, sandy and narrow beach and it is the most famous and popular beach in the Sihanoukville area. The beach is located on the East side of the town, between Serendipity and Otres beaches. It does get very busy here at times, as the beach offers the full spectrum of all beach venues that you can think of.

What to explore at Ocheteaul Beach?

Buzzing beach bars will delight many travellers looking for some quality party times. Up scale hotels and dining are available although you can have a cheap meal in here as well. Most places serve Khmer style food and Western dishes (burgers and pizzas).

Grass umbrellas, rentable beach chairs and little drink huts line the beach from one end to the other. Anything is possible on this beach. You can get a massage or a pedicure on the beach, a removable tattoo, the full classical choice of beach sellers selling anything from hand-made souvenirs to clothes, a golf course and various day trips.

The more South you go on this beach the more 'relaxed' it becomes (as you are heading towards the Otres beach). There are more budget traveler oriented bars and restaurants offering chairs, umbrellas, drinks and a chill-out atmosphere.



How to get to Ocheteaul Beach?

Motorcycle Taxi: (motodup, moto) drivers expect foreigners to pay 1000-2000R in town. Locals pay less but getting the local price is nearly impossible. Prices go up for multiple passengers and at night. Settle on a price and destination before taking the ride and insist on being taken directly to your requested destination.

Motorcycle Rental: At the moment there is a ban on tourists driving motorcycles and cars in Sihanoukville. It is not clear whether the ban is permanent or will be lifted at some point in the future. Prior to the ban, most of the tourist-oriented businesses in town rented motorcycles, including most guesthouses and hotels, the bus companies, travel/tour companies and even restaurants. 100cc bikes were between $3-$5/day. Fewer places rented 250cc bikes but they were still readily available at about $7-$8/day. 100cc is more than sufficient for travel in town and to the beaches. Most places required a passport as security. Always lock your motorcycle or leave it in guarded parking. Motorcycle theft is not uncommon.

Car Rental: Car rental (with diver) can be arranged through your hotel or travel agent. Taxis at the downtown bus and taxi station are also available for private hire. Cars cost around $20/day with driver. They can also be hired for short jaunts in town ($4-$6) and specific trips such as sunset mountain ($10) the waterfalls ($15) or Ream ($17).



Selling points

  • Nice place, nice people
  • Nice beach with lots of food vendors
  • White Sand Covered in Khmers
  • Noisy party central
  • Surf, turf and fireworks
3 days for backpackers in Sihanoukville

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Ochheuteal Beach Krong Preah Sihanouk Cambodia

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Tips for you

  • - Almost all bars have a happy hour 5-7 p.m. Beer is 50-70 cents
  • - If you are annoyed and harassed by hawkers, just politely say: "No Thank You"
  • - You should keep your belongings carfully - Don't ever leave anything valuable on the beach to go for a swim - Do not get too drunk and out late on the beach or you may find yourself robbed or worse. - Be very aware of thieves especially the young friendly children that sell snacks etc.they are very skilled in their craft.
  • - Ocheteaul is the main tourist beach in town. Filled with beach stands, and just across the street from a plethora of hotels
  • - Very good BBQ along there at night.... VERY cheap BBQ and for no money -A few $6 guesthouses a couple streets up from this beach.
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Be very aware of thieves especially the young friendly children that sell snacks etc.they are very skilled in their craft. Spoken as a victim of these little beach rats.

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This beach has not been developed well. There are open drains flowing out to the water and lots of rubbish. Very noisy bars at night time. Better to stay at Otres Beach for a nicer cleaner and quieter beach. Otres Beach is a 10 minute tuk tuk away (US$4-5 ride).

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The deck chairs go all the way to the beach, and the restaurants which own them sit side by side all the way along the beach.So, no opportunity to just sit on the beach by yourself. There are heaps of kids and women selling things, so you are constantly having to say no thanks. Mostly the water is dirty, although the restaurants do keep the sand itself free of rubbish. I didn't swim in it, saw several stormwater drains draining into the sea, and they don't just have storm water, they have putrid smelly black water.

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I like all the different restaurants and bars on the beach. It defines Sihanoukville, its got character and charm, A little like Venice Beach in Los Angles, people selling their wares, such as sun glasses, bracelets, shrimp, squid, best of all fresh fruit. If you dont want to be bothered, just politely say, "No Thank You". The beach can get littered at times around big holidays but stays clean due to the local effort of one particular Danish Lady who owns the Beach Club Hotel. However, there is a serious safety problem with the Jet Ski operators (Khmer) on the beach. The young men are generally hopped up on meth and and drive their jet skis with total disregard for safety of adults and children. Do not get too drunk and out late on the beach or you may find yourself robbed or worse.

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