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Attraction Ninh Thuan, Vietnam Published on: 13-11-2015

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Ninh Thuan is a province in the coastal Southern Central region, located in an important geographic position between the 3 major economic regions.

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Why Ninh Thuan is special ?

Ninh Thuan is a province in the coastal Southern Central region, located in an important geographic position between the 3 major economic regions including Southern Central region, Southeastern region and Central Highlands. Ninh thuan is famous as the most dryland country but possesses the beautiful pristine beaches few people know about. Come once you will be intrigued by the scene seemed unreal. In addition to a beautiful coastline, the unique cultures of the Cham and Raglai peoples and their numerous historical and cultural sites make Ninh Thuan an attractive destination for tourists. Also, some archaeologists discovered some ancient tombs of stone and iron in Sa Huynh culture 2500 years ago. Therefore, the province is a destination to keep some heritages and Champa culture, including writing, folk song, dancing, weaving and sculpture.


What to explore at Ninh Thuan?

Ninh Thuan belongs to tourism triangles: Dalat- Nha Trang- Phan Rang. Coming to there, tourists are able to relax in Ca Na Tourist Site, swim in Ninh Chu Beach, Vinh Hy Bay, climb to Da Trang Mountain, and observe natural animals in Phan Rang Reservation, or visit Pi Nang Tac Stone Trap.

Being home of Cham minority group, Ninh Thuan has characters culture of Cham ethnic, which stamp in local custom, Cham dance, sculpture, pottery, and brocade and agriculture of Cham towers. Famous towers name Po Klong Garai and Porome.

Nowadays, Cham people still preserve matriarchy, a valuable inheritance of Vietnam, and special festivals such as Kate, Cha Bun ceremonies, Royal Idiladha and Ra Glai Tribe festivals and other ceremonies like dig a ditch, dam up, new rice...


How to get to Ninh Thuan?

The capital of Ninh Thuan Province is Phan Rang- Thap Cham City, 105km from Nha Trang, 110km from Dalat, 350km from Ho Chi Minh City and 1.382km from Hanoi. Phan Rang Town is on North- South Express Train, National Highway No.1A and National Highway No.27.

There are daily flights from Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City and Da Nang to Nha Trang – Cam Ranh Airport which is 50km north of Phan Rang Thap Cham City. There are daily Re-unification Express Trains between Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City which stop at Thap Cham Train Station located in Phan Rang – Thap Cham City and close to Ninh Chu Beach. National Highway No. 1 connecting the main regions of Vietnam runs through Ninh Thuan Province, National Road No. 27 connects Ninh Thuan and the Central Highlands of Vietnam.


Selling points

  • Magnificent beaches with the clean
  • The city famous for Cham festival
  • The most dryland country
  • Lots of beautiful beaches to discover
  • A paradise of seafood with diverse kinds
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Ninh Thuan, Vietnam

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Tips for you

  • Ninh Thuan is also famous for grape. Fresh grape, grape wine, dry grape...can be the best choice to bring home like a souvenir.
  • For the best seafood, you should head to Vinh Hy Bay where suitable for your family stay and relax. Here, you can join in fishing tour and try the best seafood in town.
  • The wild beauty is definitely the main attraction for photographers. But the best spot to capture wonderful sceneries is Hang Rai. The place is suitable for those who wants conquer nature and loves adventure.
  • Ninh Thuan is really hot during day time, you have to bring sunglasses, sunscreen, hat, gloves, umbrella, etc to avoid the heat.
    What to bring
  • Ninh Thuan can be visited at all time during a year. But it's better to visit in April - June to enjoy summer with beautiful beaches, or in August - October to explore local Cham people with their unique festivals.
  • The most famous Cham tower in Ninh Thuan is Porong Giarai which is the oldest tower of Cham people. The best time to visit is 7 - 9am, but for those who look for another experience, just visit the place after 6pm.
    What to know
  • Ninh Thuan has many beautiful beaches, but the best of them is Binh Tien, considered as "a young lady peacefully sleeping". Another option is Ca Na Beach, its atmosphere is also fresh and cool that makes you feel comfortable and refreshed.
    What to know
  • When visiting the beach, you have to take care of your children and beware of reef, as it's hard to see it.
    Things to do
  • A large number of Cham people still live here, and they still preserve many traditional elements of their culture. So you can learn more about the history of Champa Kingdom and understand more about the culture of Cham people.
    Things to do

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