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Attraction Ningxia Night Market, Ningxia Rd, Datong District Taipei City, Taiwan 103 Published on: 13-11-2015

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Located by the Datong District traffic circle, this night market offers a nostalgic retreat to the Taipei of earlier years. The snack stalls and other shops here are kno

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Why Ningxia Nightmarket is special ?

Ningxia Night Market is one of the oldest night markets in Taipei it also has a long history behind it. It was a park back in the Japanese colonial period, a round shaped park with trees and benches. With food stands started to gather inside the park, the food culture here started to prosper. When the World War 1 broke out, the park was rebuilt into water storage and the food related activities ceased since then. After the war the prosperity continued and the market grew larger. The night market later went through fire, urban renewal and started to go downhill. The old night market is replaced by the Ningxia Night Market we know now.

The location is organized and designed for market use with grease plumbing and water source system. Back in action, Ningxia night Market has become one of the representative night markets in Taipei, even nicknamed Taipei’s stomach. The night market gathered over 20 food stands and restaurants, all over 50 years old providing delicious snacks and savories. From oyster omelet, stinky tofu, taro cake, tofu pudding and many other traditional Taiwan style dish waiting for you to discover. Ningxia is a tradition and popular night market for the locals and tourists.


What to explore at Ningxia Nightmarket?

Ningxia Night Market is famous for gourmet snacks,including many traditional distinctive Taiwanese snacks from the old days. Some well-known snacks such as the Mouthbreeder Soup,Stirred Stay Beef,Pork Liver Soup,Tainan Savory Rice Pudding,Roe Salad,Braised Pork Rice,Oyster Omelet,Pan-Fried Dumplings,Chicken Rice,Oyster Noodles,and Imperial Guangdong Porridge are all great choices to fulfill your craving for delicious food. (extracted from Taipei Night Market Tourist Guide)


How to get to Ningxia Nightmarket?

Public Transportation

PUBLIC TRANSPORT: MRT Station:Walk about 10 minutes from Zhongshan MRT Station or Shuanglian MRT Station heading West

OTHERS: Take the No. 2, 12, 42, 46, 52, 63, 215, 223, 250, 255, 282, 288, 302, 304, 304 (Return), 306, 601, 605, or 605 Express bus to the traffic circle stop.

By Taxi

Tell the driver Ningxia ('ning-sha') Market and they'll most likely know where to go. Or you can get dropped off at the closest MRT station which is Zhongshan MRT Station and head about 10 minutes West.


Selling points

  • “One of the best for food!”
  • “Best Nightmarket for authentic Taiwan food”
  • “Great experience”
  • “Amazing foods street”
  • “Great way to experience local culture and food”
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Ningxia Night Market, Ningxia Rd, Datong District Taipei City, Taiwan 103

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Tips for you

  • Alight at either MRT Shuanglian Station or MRT Zhongshan Station of Tamsui Line, amd walk towards west (Chengde Rd.) from Exit No.1 for approximately 10 minutes.
  • It's packed with locals and offers a wide variety of food, including a few items that you won't find at other night markets.
    What to see
  • If you want to experience Taiwanese food, you have to go to Ningxia
  • If you prefer less crowded place, this is the one.
  • The only problem with Ningxia is that it can get busy and people might get a little bit in a rush
  • They only offer chopsticks, so if you're not very familiar with them, it would be nice to bring plastic cutlery just in case.
    What to bring
  • Available parking areas: Penglai Elementary School Parking Lot


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We stayed closed to night market with a 10 to 15 mins walk only. And we had almost 6 days of our suppers at the same place but we really enjoyed and loved it. The only part where most of my friends were abit disappointed was this place started to be filled with a lot of tourists. Many locals have been saying probably in another year or so, this place will be very commercialized. I recalled back 3 yrs ago, it used to be more localised, mostly visited by native people. Still the place has what it takes, all the great dishes and fingerfood I was looking for. Hope to visit this place again.

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So much fun walking around they sell so many things that you have no idea what is about!!! Great place!!

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Tip 1: Go there with an empty stomachTip 2: The biggest mistake that everyone makes is settle for the first stall or first shop they saw when they enter the night market. What you need to do it walk the whole stretch of the market and then decide what you like to eat.Tip 3: What kind of food do they have? Because this is Taipei city, they have the famous fried oyster omelette (a few shops along the stretch but be prepare to queue up), soy shredded chicken rice, pig trotter with fry vermicili and at some of the backstreets of ningxia market, you will find small llittle restaurants selling fresh sashimi. Away from the market, there is a shop that sells pork belly bun roll (Gua Bao).Tip 4: This is actually the perfect street for foodie travellers because all the taipei food is congregated in this area.Tip 5: Bring cash with you. No ATM card or credit card accepted.Tip 6: There is a problem here, you cannot find a public toilet here so make sure you relieve yourself in the nearby pblic toilet in the shopping mall before you get here.Tip 7: If you are staying in a hotel nearby, i suggest you walk to Ningxia market because the back alleys and streets are the perfect place to see the everyday life of a TaiwaneseHigh recommend travellers to visit this place. Food might not suit westerners but maybe a small bite or taste would be sufficient to satisfy their curiosity.If you think my reviews have been helpful to you, please click 'Yes' for 'Was this review helpful?'

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was here on my 1st night in taiwan. went there after checking in to the hotel. a lot of things to eat but the night market was quite short. had dinner in a restaurant on the same street.then came out and walk the night market... however, there are a lot of mini games stalls.

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Visited this night market located near Hope Hotel and HuaYing District. My girl tried the prawn fishing and it was fun. The live prawns are bbq immediately and this can be eaten while seating on the stool provided by the owner.Tried the best winter melon tea here and the owner proudly said that they are home made without any preservative.Lot of food to eat with little table and seat set up next to their stall. The smelly beancurd aren't too bad and it was served with some pickles.

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Walking through so many night markets, this is the only one which has a stall whereby there is a consistent long queue, Liu Yu Zi Fried Yam Ball. I had tried it and definitely it was worth the queue. Moreover, the meat dumpling and mixed organ soup by 豬肝榮仔 is definitely one of the best in Taipei. In fact, so good that I found myself going there every night on my second trip!

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