Ngu Binh Mountain

Attraction Ngu Binh Mountain, Hue city, VIet Nam Published on: 13-11-2015

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Ngu Binh Mountain, located outside of Hue center, has poetic and romantic beauty beside Perfume River. Talking about natural beauty of Hue, it's a gift from God.

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Why Ngu Binh Mountain is special ?

Ngu Binh Mountain is also known as Ngu Mountain or Hon Mo or Bang mountain with 103 meters height on the right of the bank of Huong river. It is far about 4 kilometers from Hue city to the south. Two sides of this mountain have two small mountains: Ta Bat Son and Huu Bat Son. The Nguyen royal dynasty decided Hue palace.

Along with Huong River, the Ngu Binh Mountain is the gift of the Nature, blend with Huong river to become the symbol of Hue nature. People usually call Hue as the area of Huong River- Ngu Mountain.


What to explore at Ngu Binh Mountain?

From many years ago, tourists come here and enjoy the spectacular scenery. On the nice day, from the Ngu Binh Mountain, you can contemplate the whole city with sparking palace, ancient pagoda and Huong River. Seeing to the East, white sand-bank of Thuan An beach along with the blue of Dong Sea creates the beautiful picture that people will have unforgettable impression. Vong Canh- one of famous landscapes in Hue is far about some kilometers from Ngu Binh Mountain. From the Vong Canh hill, you can see the fruit-trees such as: longan, Areca catechu, orange… blend with the roof of temple, pagoda, tombs… Huong River is as a band silk. Tourists have opportunities in the morning or sunset; they will feel poetic beauty of a hill, a river of Hue.

The beauty of Ngu Mountain is not only about feng shui but also close to the Hue. People can contemplate the beauty of Hue palace, listen the voice of another world. Over a half of century, almost trees in the mountain do not exist. In the recent year, Ngu Mountain survives. From a distance, tourists can see the pine forest in the mountain, at the foot of mountain, we can hear about songs which stem from pine. On the occasion of Lunar New Year, woman and men come here and take some things to have lucky.


Selling points

  • The beautiful mountain beside Perfume River
  • The gift of Nature to Hue city
  • One of the greatest mountains
  • The symbol of Hue city
  • Beautiful scene at the sunrise and sunset
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Ngu Binh Mountain, Hue city, VIet Nam

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Tips for you

  • You should search for the weather forecast bofore the trip
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  • You should bring some food and drinks to have nice picnic.
  • You should bring your camera to caught the spectacular sightseeing from the air.
  • Don't stay too late as it can turn dark quickly.
  • You need to pay attention on your kids when climbing up to the top of mountain.
  • You should bring umbrella or raincoat, weather is unpredictable.
  • You should wear comfortable shoes and jackets as it can be cold suddenly.
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  • Don't forget to bring hats,suntan, water and insect repellent.
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Ngu Binh Mountain and Perfume River, these 2 complement each other create the romantic mountain and river beauty of Hue. Standing on the top of Mountain, we can see the whole scene of Hue city. The suggested time is at the sunrise or sunset.

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