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Attraction National Palace Museum Published on: 13-11-2015

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This extraordinary collection of historic art treasures, fascinating for its depth and breadth, has miraculously escaped destruction over hundreds of years. Some pieces date back to the tenth century.

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Why National Palace Museum is special ?

The Taipei National Palace Museum and the famous Forbidden City in Beijing are derived from the same institution, which was split into two as a result of the Chinese Civil War. Covering a total area of 1200 mu (about 198 acres), it is located in the outskirts of Taipei City, Taiwan. The splendid architecture of the structure is modeled on the Forbidden City in Beijing and incorporates elements of traditional Chinese royal design in feudal society. The architecture itself has four floors. The first, second and third floors are used for exhibitions, while the fourth floor is a lounge where visitors can rest.

The Taipei National Palace Museum houses the largest collection of priceless Chinese artifacts and artwork in the world, including ancient bronze castings, calligraphy, scroll paintings, porcelain, jade, and rare books, many of which were possessions of the former imperial family. The full collection, which consists of some 650,000 pieces, spans many dynasties. Each exhibit, however, puts on display only about 1,700 pieces at a time. At this rate, assuming a duration of three months for each exhibit, it will take 100 years to cycle through the entire collection! Incredible!


What to explore at National Palace Museum?


The museum is built in classical Chinese architecture and backs into a hillside. The main building faces a large plaza and there are traditional Chinese gardens to the east and west that you can explore. The exhibition spaces are on floors 1-3. The visitor information, main museum shops, Children's Gallery and other facilities are on the B1 level.

Collections - Third Floor:

If you want to follow the collections chronologically, start at the third floor and work your way down. The 3rd floor collections include Shang and Zhou Dynasty bronzes, neolithic age artifacts and Qin and Han Dynasty treasures.

Anachronistically placed are the Qing Dynasty gems including one of the most famous pieces in the museum, the Jadeite Cabbage. (You'll know it's there because of the crowd around it.)

Collections - Second Floor:

Collections on the 2nd floor include Tang Dynasty pottery figures, Song and Yuan Dynasty pottery, Ming Dynasty ceramics and curios as well as Qing Dynasty treasures.

One of our favorite galleries was the Chinese painting gallery on this floor which held many famous paintings of historical figures as well as legends. The items in these galleries change often.

Collections - First Floor:

On the 1st floor, the collections include rare books and documents, curio boxes from the Qing Dynasty, Qing furniture as well as religious sculpture.

All exhibits are subject to change as the museum's collection is vast and they can only display a small fraction of the items in storage.


How to get to National Palace Museum?

By Car:

1. From National Highway No.1(國道一號), exit Binjiang offramp(濱江交流道), turn left to across Dazhi bridge(大直橋) and turn right after Ziqiang Tunnel(自強隧道)

2. From National Highway No.1(國道一號), exit Neihu offramp(內湖交流道), turn left on to Neihu Rd sect.1(內湖路一段) by express way(快速道路), turn right after Ziqiang Tunnel(自強隧道) to museum

By Bus:

1. Bus route mini 18(小18), mini 19(小19), red 30(紅30), 213, 255, 304 Chengde line(304承德線), 304 Chongching line(304重慶線) to museum directly


1. Take MRT Danshui line(捷運淡水線) to Shilin Station(士林捷運站), transfer bus route 255, 304 Chengde line(304承德線), 304 Chongching line(304重慶線), mini 19(小19), red 30(紅30) to museum


Selling points

  • “Great History of China and Taiwan”
  • “The most majestic museum”
  • “Best Museum in Taipei”
  • “Incredible collections"
  • “Great Artifacts, Horrible Crowd”
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National Palace Museum

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Tips for you

  • Please call or write in advance to make arrangements if you intend to visit the Chang Dai-ch'ien Memorial Residence.
    What need to do
  • Backpacks must be kept in lockers & photo ID is required for audio guides.
    What need to do
  • To reach the museum from Shilin MRT station, head out Exit 1 to Zhongzheng Rd and catch R30 (red 30), minibus 18 or 19, or buses 255, 304 or 815. It's about 15 minutes to the museum. From Dazhi MRT station take bus B13 (brown 13).
  • Guided Tours: Chinese, English, and French guides are provided without any charges. Chinese tour: 9.30 am, 2.30 pm English tour: 10 am, 3 pm French tour: twice a week.
  • No photographing is allowed in the museum
  • You mustn't wear slippers to visit the museum.
    What to wear
  • Using selfie stick is prohibited in the museum
  • Visiting hour for each time is 40 minutes. The total number of visitors admitted to enter the memorial residence per day is 60 and 15 are allowed for each time.
  • You should go early to miss the crowds. After 10:00 the chinese tour groups will block your view.
  • There are elevators to each floor making it very easy to use a stroller.
    What to know
  • Visitors have to reserve the tickets one week in advance.
  • Taiwan Citizens with ROC ID can visit the museum free of charge between 18:30 and 21:00 on Friday and Saturday.
    Ticket and Pricing
  • Army, police, student special fare: NT$80 (with identification) Retired veterans and civil servants, elderly, handicapped, children under school age: free admission with proper identification
    Ticket and Pricing


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This is where you'll find arguably the finest collection of Chinese art. Don't miss the important items "One Hundred Horses" painting and the "Jadeite Cabbage." Open daily from 8:30am to 6:30pm.

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Go straight to 301 to check out the meat shaped stone and jade cabbage, two of the most well known pieces in the museum. Avoid weekend tour groups by going on an early weekday.

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This is hands down the finest collection of Chinese art and artifacts in the world. If you're pressed for time, start on the 3rd floor where the best stuff is. And if you need a break, the teahouse...

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Treasures of Chinese art history. Nothing more to say. Except, they sometimes replace the greatest paintings with posters rather than the original work. #Fail

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World class museum with the best Chinese treasures! They run it well with good design of space, lighting, sound and AV technology

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I have memories of visiting the national palace museum on field trips while in school but it was so dark and boring I always dreaded and wished to leave as soon as possible. However being almost 40 with 2 young children from the US this is a must visit for them to understand Chinese culture.We've always known of the nation palace museum in Beijing contains little treasure because the treasure is now housed in Taipei.The most famous pieces are1. Cabbage jade2. Fatty pork stampBecause of the association with food these 2 pieces are of interest to my young kids (aged 5 and 8) but other historic items must be explained to them. I purchased the children's audio for them but wished I had gotten the adults version because children's ones were very limited.Downstairs there was a children's section where they watch films about the treasure. For the short morning we spent there we watched 1 of the 2 movies twice and the kids were not bored with them. I recommend watching both films first and then visit the museum for young ones. They could associate with the cabbage and wine vessels very well from the films.A short bus ride takes you to Miramar dept store and ferries wheels. From there we took the MRT back home. What a great day.

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At the top of many steps you will find the museum. It is beautiful on the outside and inside it is modern and the displays are unique. They claim to have the best artifacts from China. Viewing the Jade and porcelain collections were a highlight for me. If you go to their website, you can download an App showing the best of the museum's collection and a couple of virtual tours you can follow when there. It's a very good museum but not a world class museum. Modest entry fee

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This is the best place to see chinese art works in the world. Can you imagine those collections were used to be the kings' collections and only they can enjoy it.. now it's open to public.. Since those art works are not well known by most westerns. It's a bit hard for them to experience the deeper part beyond the looks/ colours. Too much history in this museum.. thousands years chinese arts all display in this space, though.. all you can see is only the little portion of the museum collection.. To me, each piece collection comes with a lot story and history.. including the way they made, why the made. how the artist created it by what kind of mood.. this is the best museum for chinese art in the world.. DO NOT MISS this museum. after this place.. you may find those chinese collections in other western museums are not even near the standard of national palace museum.

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World class museum with the best Chinese treasures! They run it well with good design of space, lighting, sound and AV technology

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