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Attraction Pyay Rd Yangon Myanmar (Burma) Published on: 13-11-2015

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The National Museum (Yangon) located in Dagon, Yangon, is the one of the national museum of Burmese art, history and culture in Myanmar.

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Why National Museum is special ?

National Museum of Myanmar is located at No. 66/74. Pyay Road. Dagon Township. Yangon. This museum was established in the year 1952. This museum is a splendid spot of sightseeing in Yangon. It houses rare pieces of artifacts, historic art works, memorabilia. There are altogather fourteen halls in the four floors of the Museum. The ground floor comprises three halls. They display the scripts and alphabets of Myanmar, denoting the gradual evaluation. There is also the Lion Throne Room and specimens from the Yatanobon Period .

The ground floor of the National Museum in Yangon has a remarkable display of the scriptures from ancient Myanmar. There is a stone funerary and the walls of the hall are encrypted with Pyu writings. There is a throne room in the ground floor, which consists of miniatures of eight thrones belonging to the kings of Myanmar. There is also the Royal Lion Throne belonging to the last monarch king Thibaw. This throne is made of ‘Yamaney’ timber and magnificent lions adorned its base. The king was said to be using this throne, while he used to discuss important matters with his ministers or deliver judgments.


What to explore at National Museum?

Even though the museum's collection is appallingly labelled and lit, the treasures that lie within this cavernous building deserve a viewing.

The highlight is the spectacular 26ft-high, jewel-encrusted Sihasana (Lion Throne), which belonged to King Thibaw Min, the last king of Myanmar. It’s actually more of an entrance doorway than a throne but let’s not quibble – it’s a damn sight more impressive than your front door!

Further signs that the kings of old didn’t understand the meaning of the word ‘subtlety’ are the ornate beds, silver and gold rugs, flashy palanquins (one of which is palatial in its size and splendour), kitchen chairs made of ivory, some breathtaking ceremonial dresses and a large collection of betel-nut holders and spittoons.

The upper floors are less impressive and take you on an amble through natural history, prehistory and a very poorly lit art gallery.

Look for the model of the colonial-era State House demolished in 1978; the chandeliers that hang on each floor of the museum are all that remain of it.

Newly on display at the museum is the permanent exhibition The Vanishing Tribes of Burma , 70 photographic images by Richard K. Diran, who spent 17 years documenting around 40 ethnic groups, some of whose way of life had been practically unchanged for centuries.


How to get to National Museum?

The museum is located on the corner of Hanthawady Road and Kyun Taw Road, Kamaryut Township (K2500 taxi from downtown).

Selling points

  • So much information about Myanmar
  • One of the tourist spots in Yangon
  • Myanmar famous museum
  • Bird eye view of the country of Myanmar
  • Lots of Interesting exhibits

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Pyay Rd Yangon Myanmar (Burma)

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Tips for you

  • There is a shopping centre about 100m away (left upon exit) if you need a cool drink after your visit.
  • The museum is over four floors and there are lots of artefacts to view.
    What to see
  • You should carry some water in with you because some floors have good airconditioning, some floors don't.
    What to bring
  • You are not allowed to bring any bags into the building. There are free lockers provided. Camera and hand phone are also not allowed.
  • You should get there early as the space is not air conditioned and it becomes rather hot and exhausting by midday.
  • The Shwedagon Pagoda is within a walking range about 20 minutes from the National Museum.
    Things nearby
  • There are plenty of interesting things to see, and the free audio guide in English really added to the experience.
    What to know


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This is a very interesting Museum showcasing Myanmar history and different ethnic groups. One of the main problems here is that it is very hot in most of the rooms and whilst we could have lingered longer, we needed some air after about 1 hour.

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No cameras and mobile phones allowed....

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