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Attraction National Museum Chaandhanee Magu Malé Maldives Published on: 13-11-2015

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The National Museum is a building gifted by China, it contains an excellent and well-labelled collection of historic artefacts that serve to trace the unusual history of these isolated islands.

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Why National Museum is special ?

The National Museum is a building gifted by China, it contains an excellent and well-labelled collection of historic artefacts that serve to trace the unusual history of these isolated islands. With the purpose of preserving history and instilling patriotism among the people of the Maldives, the museum has a large collection of historical artifacts, ranging from stone objects to fragments of royal antiquities from the Buddhist era to the rule of Islamic monarchs. The museum complex consists of two large buildings separated by Sultan's Park in the old palace grounds across Medhu Ziyaarai Magu (street) inland from the gold-domed Islamic Centre (Grand Friday Mosque).


What to explore at National Museum?

The display begins downstairs with galleries devoted to the ancient and medieval periods of Maldivian history. Items on display include weaponry, religious paraphernalia and household wares as well as many impressively carved Arabic- and Thaana-engraved pieces of wood commemorating the conversion of the Maldives to Islam in 1153.

Upstairs is a display representing the modern period and including some prized examples of the lacquer-work boxes for which Maldives is famous, and various pieces of antique technology including the country’s first gramophone, telephone and a massive computer. Quirkier relics include the minutes of the famous underwater cabinet meeting held under President Nasheed in 2009 and an impressive marine collection, the highlight of which is the 6m-long skeleton of the very rare Longman’s Beaked Whale, which is yet to have been sighted alive in the sea.


How to get to National Museum?

You can take bus number 101 or 403 to Sultan Park Bus-Station on Medhuziyaarai Magu. National Museum is located next to the Sultan Park.

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  • Always good to visit National Museum
  • Best place to see and learn Maldives History in short time
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National Museum Chaandhanee Magu Malé Maldives

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Tips for you

  • You can ask the hotel to find a tour guide for you. There're many staff of the museum willing to guide you, but they aren't fluent in English.
    Things to do
  • You should not bring your camera. The staff at the museum can advise you not to take pictures inside the building.
  • The guard will follow you around. This can make you uncomfortable but don't mind him, it's his job.
  • The museum closes on Friday and Saturday. It's recommended time to visit is in the morning because the museum can be crowded in the afternoon.
  • There's a beautiful Sultan Park nearby where you can hide the heat of Maldives.
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  • The entry ticket is Rf 20 (USD 1.3) for children.
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Everywhere we go we visit a national museum, to see what the locals are proud of and see some of their heritage pieces. We went with young children, paid 5€ and had fun for 75 minutes. Two floors and opens at 10:15. On display police force museum and a rare whale skeleton, some religious texts and pieces from their sultan. A marquette to show how old Maldivian houses looked like and drums, music instruments and swords to catch the attention of the kids. On display also type writers, floppy disks and x-ray machines, i think great foresight there. Local staff was helpful in telling a story to my kids. Worth a visit if you have time left and are on the way to the old Friday Mosque nearby.

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The National Museum of Maldives is a great place to experience the diversity of the country’s history and get a sense of Maldivian lifestyle.

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